Interview: Computerman

Interview: Ollie Smith
Wednesday 21 September 2005
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"Before a gig we went for a Chinese with a guy from Must Destroy Records. We didn't talk about music or anything, but he signed us after the show."


I wasn’t really in the best of moods to meet Computerman. A quick peek at their apocalyptic themed website and there I was in Junktion 7 on a Sunday morning, clipboard in hand, nursing a hangover of Miltonic proportions. However, the previous night the synth rock band had collected hangovers from various parts of the UK; a testament to disparate roots that include Hull, Leicester and Wales, but have recently turned to focus on Nottingham. As luck would have it their heads span at a similar rate to mine, facilitating communication. Now signed to super trendy label ‘Must Destroy’ for a two single deal, Computerman are Adam, Rhys (drums), Paul, Rob (guitars/synths) and Mark (guitars/synths and vocals). Suitably trendy themselves (indeed Adam’s hair explores uncharted territory between fashion and a hedge strimming accident), the band ooze anticipation ahead of their debut tour and debut single release, and are practically drowning in the stuff when their slot at Leftlion Presents (30th September) is mentioned…

So why did you choose to settle in Nottingham?
Adam: ‘Well it was the nearest big city really. We’d formed as a three piece (and then to a four piece within a day or so) in Leicester as mates from De Montfort Uni and played there for four years. We’ve only recently moved here.
Paul: It’s nice to be known as a Nottingham band though, It’s good to have a local following wherever...

So how would you describe your sound to a stranger to your music?
Adam: Pop
Paul: Hiphop. Country and Western.
Rhys: Disco Pop! How about that?
Adam: Can we have Apocalyptic Space Disco?

Adam: Well Pop it is then. Please don’t write down Country and Western.... or anything Paul says.

So, do you think you have any genre peers in Nottingham or Leicester?
Paul and Rhys: No.
Adam: I used to live in the next village to Kasabian in Leicestershire. They were really nice people, but we have a passionate dislike for their music. It’s Burberry music really.
Adam: It’s surprising there are no big bands from Nottingham though.
Mark: There’s a big unsigned scene here.
Adam: Did you know I once saw Mark Morrison buying his own CD in Leicester?

Would you ever consider doing that?
Rhys: I think I would, just for the novelty. I don’t know I would if it were Return of the Mac though.
Adam: I think it was the other one actually.

How did you get signed?
Mark: It was quite funny really. We went for a big meeting with EMI and it was just like you’d expect, and then just before a gig we went for a Chinese with a guy from Must Destroy. We didn’t talk about music or anything, but he signed us after the show.

So when is the new single out then?
Rhys: ‘No More Broken Hearts’ is out on the 24th of October. The B-side is ‘Watch More Television’.

What’s that about?
Adam: It’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet.

In what way?
Adam: err...
Mark: I think the local news could do a lot more for local bands here. You know the other night there was this piece about a kid who wanted to be a bin man all his life and somehow someone granted him his wish. His mum was crying with joy by the end of it. Can you believe it?
Adam: My mum wanted me to play the cello.
Paul: Have you noticed how the cellists on Top of the Pops are always really fit?
Mark: I think the cello is the nicest instrument of all...

Are you looking forward to touring then?
Mark: Yeah, should be good.
Rhys: We have an orange van! Me and Mark do the driving, but Rob’s become insured recently. The thing is the driving seat is the most comfortable seat on the bus, so it worked out quite well for me.
Paul: It does 12 miles to the gallon on a good day.
Adam: It sounds like a lawnmower.

If Xhibit were to pimp your van, what particular modifications would you request?
Mark: I want the front seat putting in the back.
Rob: Shoe Polisher.
Paul: Water Cooler.
Rhys: A driver from Mars, like in Total Recall.
Adam: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Driving.

If you could have one celebrity friend, who would it be?
Rhys: Fearne Cotton. I used to watch her on Eureka about two years ago, when she had lovely hair. I was at School with Bunf from the Super Furry Animals.

Is he the one that never speaks?
Rhys: Yeah, cos he’s too stoned.
Paul: I want Anna Friel.
Adam: We were within yards of Anna Friel the other day in London and Paul didn’t even notice.
Rob: Audrey Tatou.
Paul: Actually can I have Sky Bishop from Neighbours?
Adam: Is she legal?

So finally how did you get your name Computerman?
Adam: Well, we were called ‘The band Carolgees’, but we stopped that because it was rubbish.
Paul: So we tried to think of something slightly less rubbish.
Adam: Rob was wearing a badge that his dad had made him when he was little. It said Computerman on it so we took it from there. 

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