Interview: David Blayze

Interview: Tommy Goodall
Wednesday 01 August 2007
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We put a few questions to the talented musician about his new solo career...

Tell us about your music... 
I consider myself a songwriter above all else and like my songs to stand up as solo pieces first. When it comes to bringing a new tune to the band I really don’t like to be too prescriptive. I’ll make some general suggestions in terms of feel and dynamic but I really trust these players and their instincts. What they’re really good at is feeling and understanding my songs. This is what I’ve been trying to find for years. 
How does the new album differ from the last? 
I really wanted it to be a lot simpler. There’s a much smaller core of musicians on it. With From the Playground you’d hear the album and then see a much more stripped-down performance live. With this album I wanted it to be the other way around. If you hear the album and then see me with The Reservations performing it you’ll hear as full and often fuller sounding versions of the songs.
What’s your favourite track off the new album?
At the moment my two favourite tracks are Flood The House and On Every High Hill. I’m really into how they build up and also the lyrics are banging me around the head at the moment. 
What are your favourite places to play in Notts?
I really enjoyed one we played at The Maze a few months ago, the sound was good and we were just hitting it. Also last month I played an acoustic set with Chris and Andy in a cave out back of The Loggerheads. The audience was just really receptive and lovely. I felt we were really getting back what we were putting out and like we really were playing for the folks there, which is what live music should be all about. 
What other acts around Notts do you rate?
I’m a big fan of Jezz Hall’s guitar playing, it has so much damn feel to it. Then there’s Beck Goldsmith, who I think has a wonderful soulful voice. Fists have loads of charisma and energy about them - there’s such a sense of enjoyment that comes across when you see them live. Tom Hill’s latest project Origamibiro is really my favourite thing he’s ever done. Just really beautiful music. Oh and my good friend Ali (The Bonsai Projects) who is very soulful and very witty and responsible for the fantastic illustrations on my album.
Anything else to say to Leftlion readers? 
Whistle while you work.
David Blazye and the Reservations play LeftLion Unplugged at The Malt Cross on Tuesday 18 September 2007.

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