Interview: Karizma

Saturday 11 July 2009
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Karizma is playing the final LeftLion at Brownes this Friday. Here's an interview we did with him back in the day...


What records got you into hiphop?

The first big tune I ever heard was on Heatwave FM and it was heavy. That was the first ever tune where I thought that was hiphop and I’m definitely feeling that! The rest was a natural progression…

Who else do you rate in the Nottingham hiphop scene?
Big Trev. Joe Buddha. Mr Jam, Black Viking, Notts Inna Nuttin, Wariko and millions of people who are out there and progressing. I think 45 is smashing it. Respect to all crews tho really. Dealmaker and Camouflage. Tempa was in OutDaville with me before and it was good to see her repping on TV.

Do you think that she benefited from being in Chancers on Channel 4?
I think it’s an experience that not very many people got to do and anything like that is definitely of benefit. It may have benefited her career or benefited her personally. To be honest I’m not toally sure how it’s gone down with her because I haven’t seen her for a while, but it must have been good to experience for a bit and to be involved in it.

What's it like working as a double team with Fozz on human beatbox?
It's great. Foz knows how to keep the crowd moving. Before I met Fozz I’d been to see Killa Kella, but I thought he was the only person in the world that could do it that well. Then you realise that there are people with serious skills in your local neighbourhood. It’s heavy man!

Tell us about some of you best memories from the Outdaville days.
Those were like a foundation, like being a rapper apprentice. When I started I didn’t really have a clue. I had an inkling of it and the very raw material, but then I met people like Lee Ramsay and Scorz and Fedel and all them other mans. Working with Trev was just full of energy and all the different lives that went into the project made it something really special.

A good learning experience then..?
I think it was the ideal breeding ground for what I’m doing now, obviously we’re not all together anymore, but we’re all doing good things and there is no negative energy between us at all. We’re all looking out for each other as we experienced a lot together.

Did you vote in the last election?
I’m afraid I didn’t. I was on holiday with a very special person. Before it I was sitting with family talking and realised that I never understood a lot of things about politics and parliament. No-one really teaches you those things in school.

Forest or county..?

I actually support Liverpool. My dad followed them and it’s been passed down through my family. 

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