Music Video: Grey Hairs – Pat Was Right

Tuesday 01 November 2016
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Fwesh pwoduce from the the grungy Notts noisemakers as they give us an exclusive taster of their new album while paying homage to the city’s greatest continental food outlet…

Ladies and gentlemen of the fine city of Nottingham, we have a new album out soon. It’s called Serious Business and it’s on the esteemed Gringo Records. It’s available on Friday 13 January 2017. Expect a worldwide fanfare of trumpets and angels singing.

However, because of the deep and sincere love we have for our hometown of Nottingham, we thought it’d be nice to have a separate release. A local release. For local people.   

So we made this video for you for the song Pat Was Right. It cost us £18 (because we bought a round when discussing it). It is a sincere tribute to the finest and hardest working pre-gig off-licence in our fair city. Play it loud.

You’ll have to ask us why it’s called Pat Was Right though.

This video is to tell you that Nottingham-dwellers can go to Forever Records (Cobden Chambers, near the Bodega) from Friday 4 November and purchase our album on vinyl a full two months before it's officially out. We love vinyl and we love truly independent local business, so everyone’s a winner. It’ll be out on CD as well but you’ll have to wait until January for that.

We will also play the album in full, live, in the room it was recorded in at JT Soar, Aberdeen St on Friday 9 December. You’ll be able to buy copies there too if you like what you hear. Which you will do, as we are a professional rock band and we deliver.

And if you’re going to see Sleaford Mods tonight (Thursday 3 November) then we open things up for the early birds at 7pm or so. We guarantee early attendance will be rewarded.

Love, Grey Hairs.

Serious Business, the second album from Grey Hairs, is due out via Gringo Records on Friday 13 January 2017. If you are in Nottingham you can pick up a copy from Forever Records from Friday 4 November.

The band will be playing the album in full at a launch gig on Friday 9 December 2016.

Grey Hairs support Sleaford Mods at Rock City on Thursday 3 November 2016.

Read our interview with Grey Hairs from 2015

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