Nottingham Music Hub Release Charity Single

Tuesday 15 November 2016
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Nottingham's school kids have been singing their little hearts out to raise money for charity...


If, like us, you're sick and tired of having an X Factor cover song forced unceremoniously down your throat by Simon Cowell, then pay attention. We do not need to root the bogger in our consciousness so deeply that we blindly download it in our millions to fix the Christmas number one slot to a former painter-decorator-turned-mega-star for another year running. There is another option.

And no, we're not harping on about that time we all tried (and failed) to secure the top slot for Rage Against The Machine. 

The Nottingham Music Service, a partnership of key local and regional music organisations, works tirelessly with the Nottingham Music Hub to bring high-quality music education to the children and young people in our city. Empowering them through creativity, promoting self-belief and a life-long love of music are just some of their aims.

This year, they've taken it upon themselves to complete a mammoth task.

Over 800 children and young people from 29 schools in Nottingham have worked together to write, perform and produce a charity single in order to raise money to fund more life-changing musical projects for kids in Nottingham. Titled If Every Child Could, it's a proper heart-warming ditty, complete with over 500 singers and 50 instrumentalists – almost all of whom are kiddos.

After eight months of hard work and an impossible amount of coordination, the single is ready for release on Thursday 24 November. 

The single is still firmly under wraps, but if you want to hear it in all its glory, there'll be a few performances going off over the city centre on the day. Three school choirs will be performing the song to members of the public, beginning with the train station at 11am and 11.30am, followed by Victoria Centre at 1pm and 1.30pm and Market Square at 2pm. 

It's a proper good way of getting right in the festive spirit, so make sure you download the single when it's released.

Nottingham Music Hub website

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