Looking After Each Other in Nottingham

Wednesday 07 December 2016
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2017 has given us a bit of a rough time. It feels like we’ve flopped off the cliff-edge of stability and are currently hurtling towards Earth at rapid speed, being pounded by flying debris as we go. It’s been pretty difficult to see the bright side at times, and well easy to wallow in puddles of doom and despair. But fear not; Nottingham City Council have a scheme – Looking After Each Other – that'll hopefully get us stepping in the right direction...


Looking at the bigger picture sometimes leaves us feeling like we’re drowning, when actually it’s the little things that make all the difference.

It’s not about grand gestures that’ll save the world. You’re not going to halt a war or end poverty. Climate change won’t be stopped in its tracks. And, unfortunately, there’s nowt we can do about Mr Trump spending all ‘is pocket money on building a giant wall around his playground.

But, taking heed of the old saying that asks us to “think global, act local”, these are little gems of shining goodness that’ll go some way to making us all feel a bit better. And if every city around the world followed suit, well, we’d all be laughing. Not literally, like, that would be weird. And a bit inappropriate. But let’s not think get distracted; let’s dig deep to find those little bits of joy that we’ve left, forgotten, down the back of the proverbial sofa, and let’s lob them at people. Full force.


Help others every day…

  • Smile – we won’t mention the muscle thing, but seriously, it doesn’t hurt
  • Say a kind word – “you gorgeous cow” doesn’t count
  • Give up your seat on public transport – about to pop mothers-to-be and old folks as standard
  • Pick up litter – no, you didn’t drop it, doesn’t mean you can’t take two seconds to pick it up
  • An act of kindness – buy a coffee for a stranger, help someone carrying heavy things. You know the stuff

Help others in your down time…

  • Phone a friend or relative – don’t just text them, it’s well impersonal
  • Microvolunteer on your smartphone – all from the comfort of your bed or sofa
  • Support Nottingham Crowdfunder projects – and help the next big deal spring out of Hoodtown
  • Donate to Dolly’s Magic Library – there’s tons of bookless sprogs in this city. Help fix it
  • Join Nottingham Skillsbank – what you’ve got, charities and organisations want it

Be a good neighbour…

  • Invite a neighbour round to dinner – beans on toast’ll do, it’s the company that counts
  • Help an older neighbour with their shopping – there’s no way Doris is making it to Morrisons and back in this weather
  • Help your neighbours with their bins – go the whole hog and take ‘em all out, it’ll tek you five minutes
  • Offer to help with gardening and tidying – and let Reginald regale you with tales from the war, while you’re at it

Give your time…

  • Support a person with a disability – through the Nottingham Shared Lives Service. Google it
  • Join a Timebank – you put your time in, and get someone else’s time back
  • Be a Rally Round co-ordinator – using a wicked app that helps you share the load when supporting friends and family members in need
  • Sign up as a school governor – and keep tabs on what your old headmaster has planned for the new kids
  • Help at an activity group – or set one up yourself – we know you’ve got loads to offer, our kid

Change a life…

  • Foster a child – it’s not for everyone, but there are little 'uns out there that need you
  • Support Safe Families for Children – when families hit crisis, you can help pick up the pieces
  • Become a befriender – and share a cuppa with someone who really needs some company
  • Support a Nottingham family – pass on them parenting pearls you wish someone had shared with you
  • Adopt a child – okay, this is a biggun. But if you can provide a stable home, some young duck’s day – probably life – is gonna be made

Looking After Each Other website

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