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Friday 02 December 2016
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Here’s a feel good story for yer. A Nottingham primary school and the surrounding community have worked tirelessly to raise £5,000 so that little Olivia Holden can play outside. The youngster has a rare condition that makes it dangerous for her to be exposed to UV light, so much so that she has to completely cover up, wear a protective visor and apply sunscreen every two hours. Now, her and her family spend most of their evenings stargazing in their hammock. Cute.

Now then Nottingham. We know you have the tenacity of a younger brother playing Monopoly when it comes to winning, but that doesn’t mean every title should be hung on the mantlepiece. City of Football? Yes. City of Literature? Yes. Drugs trade crime capital of England and Wales? Not so much. That hasn’t stopped you beating the likes of Newport and Stevenage to take the crown, with 470 drug-trafficking crimes recorded in the city over the last year. Sort it out.

We’re all a bit strapped for cash, what with Christmas just round the corner. But you’d have to be a special kind of villain to loot a daycare centre for a bit of extra dosh. That’s what thieves did at the Sparkle Daycare Centre in Church Street, nicking two iMac computers, a camera, an iPhone 6 and the business safe. Now the kiddies’ Christmas parties have been cancelled cos there isn’t enough money. Well done, bob-for-brains.

Despite the best efforts of Frack Free Nottinghamshire, the County Council have decided to approve Island Gas’s request to begin exploring the land beneath Springs Road at Misson in Bassetlaw, beginning a scary process that could lead to fracking. The energy company want to dig deep beneath the former Cold War missile launch site (don’t sound too clever) to find out whether there’s shale gas beneath the ground. If they find what they’re looking for, we can expect more trouble to come…

Despite Nottingham being a UNESCO City of Literature, and having one of the worst child literacy rates in the country, it seems that Central Library is something to be bartered for in these austere times. The struggling city council are flogging the Angel Row building so it can be turned into offices. Getting a wedge for it is all well and good, but city centre rents ain’t cheap. We dunno where all them lovely books will be stashed in the future, but we’re hoping town won’t be devoid of all the glorious words and power a public library holds.

£37,000 ON TRUMP
All over the world, human beings blessed with compassion and intelligence have been left feeling down-trodden and hopeless following the results of the American presidential election. But there’s one Notts fella who’s pretty pleased Mr Trump’s made it to the White House. The anonymous chap made a first-time bet at William Hill, and put £37,000 on Trump to win with odds of 7/4. At least someone’s doing alright outta all this madness.

The mother of one of music’s most legendary artists passed away last month. Jer Bulsara, Freddie Mercury’s mother who lived in Mapperley for the latter part of her life, died at the age of 94. Confirmed on Brian May’s website, Freddie’s bandmate had some lovely things to say, including, “Jer was a warm and devoted mum to Freddie, and, like Freddie, always had a strong twinkle in the eye.” Our thoughts are with friends and family members.

You lot don’t half get your kicks in a proper funny old way. While the rest of us are wrapping up in nine layers and forming penguin-like rotations in front of the fire, some of you are tekkin’ your kit off and leaping into Colwick Park lake. These ‘chilly dips’ have been organised by the council, and if diving into ice-water sounds appealing to you, the next one you can tag along to is on Saturday 21 January. Rather you than us, duck.

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