Live Music Review: Amber Run at Rock City

Words: Elizabeth O'Riordan
Photos: Laura Patterson
Tuesday 14 February 2017
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The Notts rock band are sky-rocketing to success all over the country with popular tunes such as I Found, 5AM and No Answers. Now they’ve come back to their roots for a massive show that marks the release of their second album, For a Moment I Was Lost...

Hundreds of music stars have played Rock City. The flashing lights of the stage and the infamous sticky floor represent 35 years of great music and legendary performances, so it’s no surprise that Amber Run started their show by saying “our new album comes out today and there’s no place we’d rather be.”

After waiting in a freezing cold line outside the venue, we started trailing in about 6:30pm when the doors opened. Watching from the balcony level, I saw the venue get full quickly and start buzzing.

The first performance came from support act Meadowlark, a two-piece band originating from Bristol whose sweet sound created a light and cheerful start to the night.

Next up, four-member band Island took absolute control of the stage by tossing their long hair about. Showcasing a mixture of slow and high energy songs, the group were one of the best support acts I’ve ever seen. They charmed the crowd instantly with their indie rock style.

Amber Run sent the crowd crazy when they emerged dead on 8pm and kicked their show off with Spark. The night was packed with swaying to the beat, clapping of hands and screaming applause. It was electric. So good that by the time they'd finished the set the gig was taken over with shouts of “we want more.”

The band alternated between old favourites and new releases. All of them were well met, Fickle Game especially. The lyrics melding together to be a beautiful mix of honesty and catchiness. Documenting the band's struggle after being dropped by their label, the album and show were an incredible comeback.

When the night finished good vibes spilled from everybody around. The fans were stoked about the new album and the applause couldn’t be stopped.

Amber Run played at Rock City on Friday 10 February 2017.

Amber Run website

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