10 Things To Do in Nottingham This Week

Words: Lucy Manning
Sunday 30 April 2017
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Socks up, shoes on. Plenty to be getting on with...


Ruby Wax: Frazzled

The US-born actress, writer, comedienne and campaigner is making her way over to Hoodtown to open up a conversation about mental health. Following her sell-out touring show and book, Sane New World, Ms Wax is on a mission to help us understand “why we sabotage our sanity with our own thinking.” And our Ruby don’t half know what she’s on about. After majoring in psychology at the University of California, she travelled across the pond to acquire a masters in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy from Oxford University, no less. She has also struggled with her own mental health, having been diagnosed with clinical depression. This time round, she’s discussing her latest book, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled, which has been billed by the Playhouse as “your passport to saner living.” We could do with one of them. Count us in.
Monday 1 May, 8pm, £21, Nottingham Playhouse, event link


Children’s Concert

The rain is pouring, and the temperature has taken a swift nose dive this week. However, Father Time pays no attention to the weather, and has declared it Spring regardless of the blueness of our toes. This week, pupils of Nottingham city schools will be singing their little hearts out in honour of the longer days, and we for one hope their dulcet tones encourage the sun to make an appearance, an’ all. The concert has been organised by local charity, the Nottingham Music Service, who work in partnership with the Nottingham Music Hub to bring high quality music education to the kids in our city. The concert will see a programme of songs ranging from Purcell’s Chaconne to the Foo Fighter’s Learn to Fly, so there’s a little summat for everyone.
Wednesday 3 May, 7pm, £4/£6, St Peter’s Church, event link



Women of a Nervous Disposition

The discussion surrounding mental health is going from strength to strength. But back in the day, things weren’t so rosy for women, who were often misdiagnosed with “madness” or “hysteria”, and thrown into asylums for leaving their husbands, and voicing opinions. To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week (Monday 8 - Sunday 14 May), artist Denise Weston is exploring narratives related to the perception of female “madness” by showing work from her two-year project. Using both historical and fictional characters to craft the idea of “art as gift”, Weston creates large-scale figurative paintings as well as book works and more intimate pieces. The exhibition also features collaborations with performance artist Annette Foster, who’s currently researching women’s experience of autism through live art. Be sure to visit the Lace Market Gallery Facebook page for more info.
Thursday 20 April - Saturday 13 May, free, Lace Market Gallery, event link


Group Therapy Comedy

Oh, life. You’re great, and we definitely wanna keep hanging out, but you don’t half throw a huge lump of shit our way sometimes. One minute we’re living it up, work, mates and love life all happily bobbing along in harmony, and then boosh. Mercury goes into retrograde and we all lose our minds. Or something like that. If you’re on a bit of a rocky road of late, head on over to Rough Trade on Thursday for a spot of Group Therapy. Comedians Gary Delaney, John Hastings and Danny McLoughlin, among others, will be taking to the stage to cheer you up good and proper with their sharp humour and quick wit. Just the kind of therapy you need after a hard week. See you at the front row with a fresh pint of craft beer. In the meantime, chin up, kids.
Thursday 4 May, 7pm, £11, Rough Trade, event link



Green Up Day

If your kiddos are right into spying on the critters and creatures that pay regular visits to your back garden, then cement your position as their favourite parent by tekkin ‘em over to Sneinton Market after school on Friday. The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust are hosting an event that’ll encourage the sprogs to look after our British wildlife. Plus, they’ll be able to make a mighty fine bird feeder so their feathered friends can come round to tea, alongside a bee home, to do your bit towards protecting them buzzy bumble bees. With workshops, games and food all on site, you won’t even have to put their tea on afterwards. And they’ll be right knackered after all their conservation efforts that you’ll be able to ship ‘em off to bed early and settle in with a large glass – or a bottle – of vino. Friday. Sorted.
Friday 5 May, 3.30pm, free, Sneinton Market, event link


INFL Marafun

Despite the years of heavy drinking, late night partying and general rock and roll lifestyle living that the blokes behind I’m Not From London have endured, they’ve still got a fair few marathons in ‘em. Not the running 26-odd miles with the worst chafe known to planet earth kind of marathon. Oh no. The kind that involves racing between a selection of the city’s finest drinking holes, catching a band, grabbing a pint and a stamp, and racing off to the next joint. Sound like a bit of you, too? Thought so. The INFL Marafun is back in business this week, and to get involved, all you have to do is persuade a few of your mates to sponsor you, raise £20, and meet the rest of the rowdy lot – with your cash in hand – at 11am on Forest Rec. All funds raised will go to the Wolfson Cystic Fibrosis Centre at Notts City Hospital, and the Roy Stone Foundation. You are asked not to dress sensibly.
Saturday 6 May, 11am, minimum sponsorship fee of £20, Forest Recreation Ground, event link



Viva! Vegan Festival

We don’t know about you, but we’ve all been bashing around the idea of going vegan up at LeftLion HQ for quite a while. We’re deffo well up for it, but we just don’t know where to start. If, like us, you’re keen to learn more, get your bottoms down to the Nottingham Conference Centre this weekend for the Viva! Vegan Festival. There’ll be a whole bunch of peng vegan munch for you to try, alongside free recipes, nutritional guidance and cookery demos so you can stock up on inside tools and tips to see you through the transition. Take your pennies, too, cos you can get your mits on some cruelty-free cosmetics, bags, books, clothing and chocolate, too. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to make the leap, this weekend might just be the springboard.
Saturday 6 May, 10am, £6, Nottingham Conference Centre, event link


Fan Club Mental Health Zine Launch

The night you’ll know best for their ultimate girl power vibes and over-zealous use of glitter are back with a bang this week. Fan Club are gearing up to bring you all the usual treats; music from all the kick-ass women in the biz, including Grimes, Destiny’s Child and Kelis; a mountain of glitter and body gems for you to plaster all over your body; and enough dancing to work up a healthy appetite for beer. But this time round, they’re also launching their brand new mental health zine, in honour of Mental Health Awareness month. Get stuck in to the zine and read up on self-care tips, comfort food recipes, tips on staying positive, and some moans and groans about the portrayal of mental health in the media, all written and contributed to by women from all over the world. Whizzer.
Saturday 6 May, 7pm, free entry, Rough Trade event link


Family Paint and Skate

It’s all cracking off for the kiddos, this week. But rather than letting them have all the fun, this Saturday’s paint and skate at the ice arena is the perfect dangly carrot to ensure you, the parent, have a tantrum-free week. Introduce the idea of spending some quality time with you as you skate around the rink, stopping off as the moment takes you to decorate the ice beneath your blades with special ice pens. There’ll be all kinds of colours to choose from, and stencils to make sure you get it right. Then, as soon as you hear the whispers of a strop, threaten to take it all away from them. You’ll have ‘em in bed by seven and eating all their veggies in no time. Of course, you’re gonna have to think of a new tactic, for next week...
Sunday 7 May, 2.30pm, £8.50 incl. skate hire, Motorpoint Arena, event link


Future Sound of Nottingham Final 2017

Ah, Nusic. The purveyors of the best new music Notts has to offer. And they’re damn good at offering you lot in the biz a bit of a helping hand, an’ all. Sunday evening marks the return of the Future Sound of Nottingham final. Six bands and musicians will perform a fifteen minute set each in a bid to impress both the panel of judges and you lot in the audience. The winner, chosen by the judges and you rowdy lot in the audience, gets to open main stage at this year’s Splendour Festival. Worra corker. Get on down to the event to catch the likes of Hashtagobi, Roe Green, Brotherhood, The Dandylions, One Giant Causeway and Kelsey Shaw, before they’re all blasted off into the stratosphere. See you in the crowd.
Sunday 7 May, 6.30pm, free, Rock City, event link

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