Tommy Scott from Space Talks Playing Spanky Van Dyke's This Friday

Interview: Bridie Squires
Tuesday 04 April 2017
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Calling all Space cadets. We had a little chat with Tommy Scott, lead singer and lyrical master of the nineties-famous Liverpool legends Space, about the band’s new album, getting back together, their tip-top moments as a band and their upcoming gig in Spanky van Dykes...

What were you all up to during in the hiatus, and what instigated your getting back together?
I had a post-punk band called The Drellas for a few years, also The Red Scare which had saxophones and old vintage vox organs – a bit of ska with Phil and Allen. Franny played in a band called Dust as well as writing his own stuff. As for the band getting back together, unfortunately we came together on one of the saddest occasions for us as a band, which was at the funeral of the original Space drummer Andy Parle.

What are the most memorable Space milestones over the years?
Getting a deal was a pretty good start, playing on Top of the Pops, spending time with Mike Myers at his house around the time we had Female of the Species in Austin Powers – he even gave us a brew in LFC mugs, what a top bloke. We also worked with Tom Jones on Reload. Also gotta mention meeting the great crooner Tony Bennett himself at Glastonbury, and finally touring with Cerys and the Catatonia lads. So many!

What’s the most shocking, horrifying thing you’ve seen recently?
The Greasy Strangler… literally anything like that is totally boss.

What’s your favourite Space album and why?
The new one, but isn’t it always? We got the chance to work with Steve Levine who did the Clash and Culture Club and hundreds of others. He’s got a studio in Liverpool full of vintage analog synths and drum machines so we got stuck in for a month and had so much fun. Steve is literally skin-covered enthusiasm.

Rising in the Britpop era, Space offered something with a similar sound but a very different edge – what kinds of artists were you drawing inspiration and samples from in the electronic/hip hop/ska regard?
Cypress Hill, Lloyd Cole, Spizz Energy. Chuck Berry, Throbbing Gristle, Devo, John Carpenter and Dr Octagon were all big inspirations to us.

What’s your creative process for writing lyrics?
Depends on the song, but I always like to try different things and keep it fresh. I never throw anything away, always recycling songs verses and whatever I can salvage.

How do you feel about your latest album in comparison to your earlier material?
We’ve got our mojo back and feel like we’re writing great songs again.

What can people expect from the gig at Spanky Van Dyke's in Notts?
All the hits, some rarities, and some from the new album too.

Space in Spanky Van Dykes on Saturday 8 April 2017. Facebook event

Space website

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