Dinosaur Stories From the Kiddos

Words: LL Kids
Monday 17 July 2017
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In honour of the Dinosaurs of China exhibition, we asked some of our most worldly paleontologists – aka some kids we know – to imagine a world in which dinosaurs roamed the streets. And bleddy hell are we glad we did. These lot’ll be putting us out of a job soon...


By Molly Rosley-Hunt, age 9 ½

Once upon a time, dinosaurs ruled the earth. They hunted each other and travelled across great distances to find food.

One day, a lone Allosaurus was scouting the surrounding plains for food when she spotted a large shape in the distance. She slunk towards the figure, thinking it was food.

The Tyrannosaurus rex was not happy to have an Allosaurus sneaking round his territory, so he chased it away by snapping his powerful jaws at the smaller dinosaur. As the Allosaurus ran past on her slim, hind legs, a Velociraptor emerged from the undergrowth; her long tail slashing through the air like a whip as she turned a sharp corner to pounce on a small lizard.

When the Velociraptor had gone, a smaller dinosaur snuck out into the open; a Coelophysis. He was sneaky and slender with small, curved teeth, a long tail, and huge golden eyes that surveyed the scene, searching for prey that would lurk out of sight in the ferns.

With no warning at all, a huge Diplodocus exploded out from a cluster of trees, startling the little predator foraging in the area. It had a small head with beady eyes and blunt teeth that swung back and forth over the trees, searching for a pinecone or a juicy-looking clump of pine needles.

The Allosaurus that had fled the Tyrannosaurus rex came hurtling back to attack the Diplodocus. Both dinosaurs were clever, the Allosaurus more so, but the Diplodocus had a long, dangerous, whip-like tail that could cause enormous damage.

Despite its best efforts, the Diplodocus fell prey to the Allosaurus. An Archeopteryx glided over the Allosaurus and its prey before landing in a tree to wait for leftovers.

The Tyrannosaurus rex watched from a distance, also waiting for the Allosaurus to finish…

By Oscar Miller, age 6

I woke up one morning to a loud roar. At first I thought it was mum’s cereal spilling all over the place, but when I came downstairs I realised it was a dinosaur skeleton, and it was an Oviraptor.

The bad news was that it was drinking all the squash, straight out of the bottle, and a Sinraptor was eating all the ham.

“Eat me instead!” I called out. They ran after me, and I ran with all my might to the park at Lakeside.

There were loads of dinosaurs on the park; from a tiny Microraptor to its venomous cousin, Sinornithosaurus. I came to a dead end, and there was a Guanlong in front of me.

“Hey! Go and get those guys, they’re trying to chase me!” I said to the Guanlong.

“OK, I’ll do it,” he said.

It bit the Sinraptor’s head off and ripped off the Oviraptor’s tail. Those parts joined back together and walked back to where they came from: Wollaton Hall.

In the ancient kitchens, I found an old Elizabethan cookbook that was actually a magical spell book and it confirmed the skeletons had come to life because of a special spell. The book said “If someone breaks the skeletons with an axe, everything will turn back to normal.” The axe was Henry VIII’s own weapon, displayed in the Great Hall. I didn’t have much time, so I climbed up the curtains to grab the axe from the wall, but the curtain was really the tail of a Mamenchisaurus.

The dinosaur looked scared. “Please don't break us with an axe! We surrender!” he said.

“Alright,” I said. “I will bring you guys back to your natural habitat in China. But first, you have to be something that the people can look at and learn from here. You can walk around at night when the people have gone. Okay?”

“You've got yourself a deal! Would you like one last ride to the play park?” said the Mamenchisaurus.

“Yippee! Let’s go!” I said.


By Mia Stasic, age 8

We were going to Sherwood Forest with the whole family for a picnic in the morning. My nana, my mum, my screamy baby sister, my two cousins, Rafi and Zohra, my aunty, and a few silly uncles who always tease me. Me and Rafi are very adventurous, so this would be a good day. I could feel it in my bones. I went to bed promptly at 7pm so tomorrow would come quicker.

The next day, we went with a delicious picnic which my clever nana had spent hours making. She’s an excellent picnic maker.

Rafi and I went to play in the forest. We played a dinosaur game and used sticks for daggers and swords. Just as we were about to fight the most terrifying dinosaur, my mum called us.


We were starving, so off we ran.

Suddenly, we heard loud stomping and the ground started shaking! We were very scared. Rafi and I looked at each other. Surely all of our dino games hadn’t come true?

We rushed into the woods. What stood before us was amazing. Taller than the trees and louder than a jumbo jet. A huge Triceratops. What were we going to do? We ran as fast as we could back to our family.

“Run!” we shouted. “Dinosaurs!”

Everyone ran and jumped into the car, the picnic flying out behind us! The dinosaur was chasing us and gobbling the picnic as it flew at him.

“I’ve got an idea!” I shouted. “I think it’s escaped from the dinosaur exhibition at Wollaton Park. Let’s drive there and it’ll follow us!” Amazingly it did. It’s not just me who loves nana’s picnics, it seems.

When we got there, it ran inside. It must have been desperate to get back to the other dinosaurs on display. How had it come to life?

I woke up. It was just a dream. Suddenly I wasn’t so excited about the day ahead…

By Rafi Hodges, age 5

I woke up at my grandma’s house and I heard the scraping of claws and a massive roar. I saw a Gigantoraptor in my room. It was scraping the walls and roaring at my dog who was barking.

Then I heard a crash at the door and a Protoceratops came rushing into the house. I was surprised. I ran downstairs and grabbed the dinosaur food that me and grandma had bought because we’d been hearing noises and we’d read that the dinosaurs were coming.

I shook all the food out of the box and the dinosaurs ate it all. They calmed down and I made friends with them. I decided to take them to Sherwood Forest so I rode on the Gigantoraptor and the Protoceratops followed.

They were running so fast that we travelled back in time to when Robin Hood was alive. Then we heard big stomps. It was a Sinraptor that had followed us from Nottingham.

We were scared it was going to eat us. But then Robin Hood came swinging down from the trees and shot his arrow at the Sinraptor. It got him on the tail and he gave a massive roar and ran away. Then I rode back on the Gigantoraptor and Robin rode on the Protoceratops all the way back to Wollaton Park where we met my cousin Mia.

The dinosaurs stopped moving and turned into skeletons, and Robin disappeared. Lots of people came to look at the dinosaurs so me and Mia gave out newspapers explaining all about them and how they originally came from China. Everyone was very happy to find out about the new dinosaurs.

It had been a very exciting adventure but we were very tired, so me and Mia went home and went to bed.

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