Live Music Reviews: Priests Live at The Maze

Words: Rachael Halburda
Tuesday 24 October 2017
reading time: min, words

With support from Nottingham's Slumb Party and Thick Syrup who made the journey from Leeds...


Slum Party kicked off the night with a blast. With some intense post-punk, there was no way anyone was putting these guys in the background. Both the music and vocals were heavy and most definitely loud - this was pure head banging fuel. From the first song there was a good audience response, happy Notts listeners with a pint in hand. They had a lot of power and aggression to their music, which really got the audience going. Particularly, I thought the electric guitarist was very talented, performing some impressive stuff. Overall these guys gave a strong performance with a heavy rocker vibe.

A four piece rock band, a female lead singer backed up by three-men, Thick Syrup gave an impressive and different performance; the lead singer’s vocal style – using a lot of high pitched tones in great contrast, yet complementing the rock music the band played. This group got an impressive audience reaction. A lot of Thick Syrup’s songs were quite rhythmic, the instruments sometimes seeming louder than the vocals, but the lead singer still kept up, giving an enthusiastic confident performance.

Priests were great from the very start, bringing the energy levels in right up. Launching straight in to a powerful song, with top quality vocals and music. The lead singer’s voice was impressive, with her distinctive punk rock sound. Every song was played with pure passion, this band really know how to put on a show. There is a lot of meaning behind the group’s lyrics, often concerning social and political justice in America – you could feel they believed every word of it.

The audience reaction for Priests was phenomenal; from head banging to cheering everyone was getting involved. Everything about this band was dramatic, with their stylish quirky image, all the way to the performance of their music, the intensity of their facial expressions and punchy dancing – there was no doubt, they gave it their all. While on stage the band took a moment to talk to the audience about Robin Hood, Notts fans through and through. Overall I found the performance purely captivating and fun, I couldn’t off take my eyes off them if I tried – can this music really be so good it’s hypnotic? I guess you’d have to go and see Priests for yourself to find out.

Priests, Thick Syrup and Slumb Party were at The Maze on Tuesday 17 October 2017.

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