6 Games to Play with the Family This Christmas

Words: Lucy Manning
Wednesday 20 December 2017
reading time: min, words

Christmas is a time of love, joy and wonder. And blazing rows with estranged relatives and late-afternoon boredom. Find remedy for the latter and fuel for the former in this article, as this year, we're gifting you with a comprehensive list of the only games you'll wanna play this December 25...


You know the drill. Dad’s out for the kill, your little cousin is crying cos Grandma won’t let him get out of jail without paying the fine, and you’re miffed because once again your request to be banker was met with raucous laughter and a gentle pat on the back from Mum. But you’ll teach ‘em when you put that hotel on Mayfair. Who’s laughing now, Aunt Sal? Who’s laughing now...


Cards Against Humanity
If you’re of a sensitive disposition, take yourself into the kitchen and stick the Queen’s speech on; this one’s for the big kids. Show the posh neighbours from next door just how well you were brought up by playing the “incest” card at any given opportunity.


Who Am I?
Dead easy. Write the name of someone famous on a rizla, lick it, and stick it to your forr’ed. The aim of the game – obviously – is to guess who you are by asking questions, but you can only ask questions that require a yes or no answer. Why not really add fuel to the family fire by writing the names of Labour politicians on all the available rizla? Tory Uncle Henry will love it, and everyone will have a great time chanting “Jezz we can” while handing out the Baileys.


Pass the Pigs
Respect the pigs, or the pigs won’t respect you.


A classic. Like a Terry’s chocolate orange and a pair of new socks, no Christmas is complete without at least one round of charades before everyone gets bored. Seasoned professionals make lucky-dip bags of suggestions; the rest of us pretend to be Kate and Leo over and over again until Grandma falls asleep.


Three Card Poker
Neck the Johnny Walker you bought for Grandad and put all the Christmas presents in the ring. Let’s bring this baby to a close.

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