Make Your Own LeftLion Christmas Tree

Words: Emily Thursfield
Friday 22 December 2017
reading time: min, words

Christmas don’t half put a strain on the owd poss strings. If you’re worried about being able to afford a full spread of nosh, all the decorations and enough presents for every second cousin in the family, fret no more. We’ve got you covered. Turn the fruits of our labour into your festive centrepiece and tick one more thing off the shopping list by turning this here rag into a miniature Christmas tree. You’re very welcome, duck.


Step One
Open the mag to the middle pages and bend them backwards until the spine breaks. Now turn back to the front cover of the mag.


Step Two
Grab the top, right-hand corner of the first page and fold it inwards until it touches the spine. You should have made a triangle-shaped flap.


Step Three
Now, grab the bottom, right-hand corner of the triangle you just made, and fold it towards the bottom, left-hand corner of the magazine. It should now resemble a tie.


Step Four
Take the flappy bit that’s left at the bottom and fold it under the triangle, tucking it into the fold on the back of the page. It should now meet perfectly with the bottom of the mag, and each side of the triangle should be straight.



Step Five
Repeat steps two, three and four on every page of the mag. Yep, all 56 of them. Stick a film on or summat.


Step Six
Once you’ve folded the final page, fan them all around until you create a circular-bottomed tree shape. And there yer go! Now it’s time to decorate it as you see fit, or leave it to bask evermore in all its LeftLion glory. Happeh Crimbo, one and all.


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