8 Of Nottingham's Most Famous YouTubers

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Saturday 17 March 2018
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These days, loads of boggers have chucked in the telly for the magical internuts in all its streaming glory. While days past saw the battle for fame flail down a fairly standard path, these days there are all sorts of characters doing their thing, their way. We’ve hunted down some of the best and most popular faces to grace the YouTube realm, all hailing from our little Nottingham in some way, shape or form...



Subscribers: 139K
Most popular video: When dad choosers [sic] the Halloween outfits
Being a first time dad is hard. A little bump appears and all of a sudden, you’ve gotta give up your laddish ways and start acting like a proper grown-up. LadBaby follows local lad Mark on his “journey from lad to dad”, and his constant pranks designed to wind up his missus. He’s the proud inventor of the toolbox lunch box and skip paddling pool, and he’s made such a name for himsen that they even hauled him in for an interview on This Morning to talk about about his laddish, daddish ways. Turns out his missus don’t mind too much, as baby number two is currently on the way.



Subscribers: 1K
Most popular video: Somewhere in Hull
It seems there’s no love stronger than that between JemVenturez and his bike. Having joined the YouTube world in September 2017, Jem’s only blessed us with nine videos so far, but we’d happily bet our last pahnd that he’s going places. Literally. The premise is simple; he gets on his bike, straps a camera to his chest and takes us all out for a ride. And what rides they have been. So far we’ve seen mandem drinking coffee with gyal at the UoN campus, dancing bossman in Manchester, and mountains in Switzerland. Watch out for his stickers dotted around town an’ all.


Toys AndMe

Subscribers: 7.7 million
Most popular video: ORBEEZ Challenge #3
There’s not many folk who can boast over 1.7 billion views on their YouTube channel, an extensive range of merchandise and a game on the app store… especially when they’re just ten years old. For her Toys andMe channel, little Tiana gets her hands on the latest toys, gadgets and gizmos, and tests them out in a series of challenges with her family and friends. A typical day in her life can include filling her house with a giant balloon, driving round town in a miniature car or just mucking about with the latest board games. She’s well and truly living the dream.


Just Joel

Subscribers: Unknown
Most popular video: Trick Questions with Drunk Students
For reasons unknown to us mere mortals, Just Joel has decided to keep his subscriber count hidden, but some quick snooping shows his most popular video earned him over 40,000 views, so he’s probably doing alright for himsen. While interrogating drunk students out on the lash seems to tickle the fancy of his fans the most, his “story times” and chats dishing out general life advice are also full of the charming cheek of the chap.


Sophia and Cinzia

Subscribers: 112K
Most popular video: Prom Get Ready With Us
YouTube’s beauty community is extensive and notoriously hard to crack. But this pair are storming things, having bagged over 10 million views on their channel since 2014. Their Get Ready With Us series is the most popular with viewers, but they also film plenty of vlogs, hauls and chatty-style videos. They were recently invited to spend some time at the Pretty Little Thing fashion headquarters, so they must be doing summat right.


Tom Scott

Subscribers: 1M
Most popular video: The Image That Can Break Your Brain
While Tom has seen success thanks to his Things You Might Not Know YouTube series and his stint on the Sky One series Gadget Geeks, that’s not what makes him one of the most commendable ‘Tubers on this list. That’s down to the fact that he once ran for UK parliament as “Mad Cap’n Tom” and bagged a vote from Noel Gallagher. While he’s now given up his hometown of Mansfield for the big smoke, we’ll forgive him just cos he’s so bleddy brilliant.



Subscribers: 17K
Most popular video: F1 2014 Gameplay: 100% Canadian Grand Prix Live
The YouTube gaming spectrum is broad, but our Ryan has gained popularity for his formula one gameplay. Viewers watch him whizzing around the tracks in various cars while he gives a running commentary about the game, including passing on his tips and tricks and answering questions from his subscribers. As an aspiring F1 journalist, it’s clear Ryan knows his stuff, and he’s also set up a blog to write about all things petrol.


Jack Howard

Subscribers: 410K
Most popular video: Making Sprinkleofglitter Squirm
This fella has been in the YouTube game for a while. Jack has earned himsen a vast following since starting out in 2008 as one half of the comedy duo, Jack & Dean, making skits about dating and general life problems. Popular uploads on his personal channel include his random ramblings about sex and films, and his collaborations with some of the UK’s biggest YouTubers. He’s now turned his hand to becoming a filmmaker. Ain’t no stoppin’ him now.

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