11 Nottingham Pubs That Are Doggo Friendly

Words: Olly Hunter
Tuesday 24 July 2018
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Sorry mate, sometimes your dog just ain't allowed. But here are some pubs that do let 'em in...


The Angel Microbrewery, Lace Market

I’m not sure many dogs would have the balls to enter The Old Angel – not least because there was a sodding great bull mastiff roaming the place – but since its transformation into the Angel Microbrewery, dogs are more than welcome. In fact, I’ve had to forgo my favourite seat on the Chesterfield sofa on a number of occasions because a Weimaraner was sat on it. So, there you go.


The Organ Grinder, Alfreton Road

The Blue Monkey pub has always been a favourite stop for pooches, and with a wide range of locally brewed Blue Monkey beer to choose from, those hounds have never been short of offers from human pub friends to take them for a cheeky pint.


Doctor’s Orders, Mansfield Road

This enigmatic micropub in Carrington not only welcomes dogs but even provides free biscuits for the hairy blighters. Might want to leave the St Bernards or Great Danes at home during super peak periods though, given the bijou dimensions of the place.


The Robin Hood and Little John, Arnold

Now I’ve never been here to check it out but I’m informed with some certainty that the Robin Hood and Little John in Arnold serves doggy beer! To me, the idea of dog beer has a whiff of the last days of the Roman Empire about it, but until the point that our dying civilisation finally implodes it does all seem rather cute and fun.


Junkyard, off Fletcher Gate

My mate has a three-legged Romanian rescue dog who has an unnerving habit of yowling like he’s being tortured when in fact he’s expressing how happy he is. We often take him into Junkyard and no one bats an eyelid when he screams the house down. Good people.


The Gladstone, Carrington

If ever there was a pub that looked like it permitted dogs, this is it. The Gladdy is an institution that’s much loved by a wide range of patrons from north of the city and their dogs: from the mutts and terriers of the old-school locals, to the labradoodles and chalkies of the newer arrivals.


The Lion at Basford, Mosley Street

Not only is this top-notch Basford boozer friendly to dogs, it was a regional winner in the Dog Friendly Pub Awards in 2017. What the national winner must have done to clinch the title, one can only guess. Maybe the dogs got free sausages and tummy rubs? That’d be tough to compete with.


The Star, Gotham

For a period of time some years ago, this super cosy pub way out in Batmanville was my escape when city life all got a bit too much, not least because there’s always a healthy selection of dozing farmers’ dogs to bother.


Oscar and Rosie's, Lace Market

O&R loves dogs and has a number of four-legged regulars, but don’t advertise the fact. This is because the staff are generally so dog-love-crazed that as soon as one waddles through the door, they become so distracted that all productive marketing activity stops for fifteen minutes while they pull themselves together.


Six Barrels Drafthouse, Hockley

A belting selection of beers, plenty of games to keep you occupied, and a load of doggy treats at the entrance “just in case.” They’ve even got the local coffee roasters 200 Degrees supplying the black stuff. Might be best to keep it away from the pooches though; you don’t want a wired-up Fido on yer paws.


The Embankment, Trent Bridge

There’s good boys and girls in their swathes down The Embankment. When you’re done supping and swooning over the other furballs, there’s the chance to get down to the river for some mad picturesque walkies and chasing of many a goose. Watch out though; as valiant as your pupper may be, them bleeders are proper wiley.

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