5 Notts Albums to Listen to This September

Words: LeftLion
Thursday 27 September 2018
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Wash out yer tabz and crank up these lot, as well as checkin' out the Nusic tip box...

1st Blood
Creativity Crisis

Having not released a full-length album – besides an instrumental one – in almost five years, the Nottingham hip hop group come back with a sixteen-track album. It’s a collection of original and remarkable musical talents made up of innovative lyrics and new sounds. 1st Blood are joined by numerous artists, both established and up-and-coming, creating a fusion of hip hop with quick, on-the-nose rhymes that are symbolic to the genre, speaking of our current society’s weaknesses. The variety of featuring artists means the style changes drastically from one track to the next. One minute, you'll be wrapped up listening to one artist’s poetry word for word, and the next you’re hearing passionate messages and unique intros that sound like they've been taken from a fifties radio interview. 1st Blood have delivered something that can't be duplicated and will speak to loyal fans as well as newcomers. Offering something new to the genre, Creativity Crisis is a truly unique collaboration that will leave you wanting more. Ryan Muress

The Haunted Guy
First Light


The Haunted Guy’s First Light – a three-track release taken from forthcoming debut album 3ARTH – plays out like a story. The synthetically crafted beats resemble something between soft electronica and a score to a sci-fi film, with computer-generated sounds, percussion, piano and strings merged to create a distinctive style. The maxi-single contains three tracks: First Light, Changes and The Promised Land. Though each is unmistakably different, the three share in common the same layering structure of grouped, calming, sounds in the background, with one or two instruments picked out to sit at the forefront of the track to create lively tunes. As you listen, the atmosphere of the songs become darker and more serious, while still remaining in the same vein of quick-paced music that, I’m not ashamed to say, kept my foot tapping throughout. Hannah Beresford

Sven Gunderssen

Sven Gunderssen brings a wiser and more confident sound to his new album GillyCuddy, and Boy George he doesn’t disappoint. Opening track Bonjour makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud with a sultry someone whispering in your ear as you dream yourself into a trance. Moving forwards, this plucky album sounds like it’s come straight out of the seventies, with all the funk and electronic disco vibes you didn’t know you needed. Sven writes and creates such a fun atmosphere, making you want to wiggle your arse in time to these jaunty tracks. A personal favourite has to be Can’t Get Next To You, where acts like the Scissor Sisters spring to mind. Comprised of twelve tracks, there’s so much to love about this album. I’ll definitely be adding this cracker to my music library. Chloe Underwood

Holy Water

It seems that their show at The Angel for May’s Dot to Dot Festival was Hollywood’s final gig together. If that’s true, then I’m sorry to have discovered them too late to see them performing with my own eyes. There are plenty of rock bands around who put the pedal to the metal and play their music fast and loud; there are far fewer around who understand that sometimes less is more and that there’s a power in restraint. Channelling Nick Cave at his most majestic, this EP showcases a band who aren’t afraid to take their time to build an impressive edifice of sound, full of genuine, heartfelt emotion. Holy Water is the final act of a band well-versed in the art of leaving their audience wanting more. Best served with bourbon and heartache. Tim Sorrell

Vandal Savage
Bic Master Vol. 1

After a solid contribution towards Bozo Boyz as one third of VVV, Vandal Savage is quick to remind everyone who he is as an individual artist. The tape – a one-MC, one-producer release – has dusty upbeat loops aplenty and sees the Notts rapper flexing his lyrical prowess over the course of six tracks. Rightly so, too; the Bicmaster series is an ode to penmanship punctuated with samples from yesteryear, highlighting the importance of handwriting. From health benefits to expression of emotion, the samples are reflected by Vandal's overall message of the album; his pen game will kill an MC. Highlights include Shyne, Tryna Grow, and Run With It, where Vandal expresses that writing has helped him overcome an array of mental health obstacles. Ashwin Balu

Nusic Box

Your new Notts music tip sheet, as compiled by Nusic’s Sam Nahirny


A collaboration between producers Ekkwinox and Celestial, Asxcension is a brand new project that’s really bloody exciting. These two are making super slick electronic beats that wouldn’t sound out of place on national radio. The debut EP One is now out in the human world, and it’s an eclectic beaut; from the late night r’n’b vibes of Trust in You, through to the trap-laced, club-friendly Done to Me. As they continue to grow and collaborate with more vocalists, we’re mad excited to see what comes next.


Distant Blue
Everything you love about pop-punk, wrapped up in a beautifully raw package. The four-piece bring in mega breakdowns, super catchy hooks, and relatable lyrics to make a punky concoction. And that’s before we even mention their mental live shows. When we saw them at Rough Trade for their headline show – as seen in their video for Whirlpool – there was crowdsurfing and peeps on shoulders within about 68 seconds. Great songs. Banging live. What more can you ask for?

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