Homegrown King of Bassline Darkzy Set to Storm Rock City

Words: Ellis Maddison
Friday 26 April 2019
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Hold tight man like Darkzy, yeah? That’s the slogan of Nottingham’s homemade king of bassline, who’s returning for a headline Rock City show this May...


Eliott Fisher, AKA Darkzy, is set to play his first headline Rock City gig, six months on from appearing at the venue alongside a whole host of artists from the increasingly-popular CruCast group.

From an early age, he has immersed himself in the UK’s urban bass culture and as bassline has
grown in popularity, so has Darkzy. Having first listened to the gritty, sub-low sounds of dubstep,
garage and D&B, the DJ and producer has created his own unique style which has seen him rise to a level much respected by some of the nation’s top genre-leading artists.

Drawing inspiration from DJ EJ, Darkzy has been making tunes since he was 12 years old, before he
exploded onto the scene in 2016 with a bassline remix of Drake’s One Dance, which currently sits at
over four million views. Now, at just the age of 22, Darkzy has become a key component of CruCast,
an independent record label featuring other popular Nottingham-bred artists like Bru-C and Window
Kid. Alongside his bassline dons, Darkzy has co-released hit singles such as Hide the Ting and
What’s Goin On?, touring the nation’s biggest music festivals and packing out some of the largest
rave events in the process.

Despite finding success all over the nation, Darkzy holds Nottingham close to his heart and is a
representative of the city to the bassline platform. In his hit song Gun Fingers, Nottingham is
referred to in just about every other lyric to most likely remind himself and his listeners of his local

From first hearing Darkzy at a mate’s house when I was 16, to watching him shut down a hangar
chocked-full of fans at Sheffield’s Spring Fest last year, Darkzy’s message has remained the same;
provide distinct and original sounds to put an impressive spin on the bass scene. Now, off the back of
his Dark Nightz tour, Darkzy will step on stage at Rock City for the first time as his usual cool and
collective self, no doubt dressed in his black cap and dark attire. Rest assured, he will definitely be
proud to headline his home city’s legendary music venue. I can’t be sure of what songs his set will
consist of, but I can guarantee that he’ll put on a spectacle for his hometown crowd and provide an electric display of wubs, dubs, and banging drops.

So, make sure to get your tickets while there’s still some left and have your gun fingers at the ready.
Darkzy is certain to get the dancefloor bouncing.

Stealth presents: Darkzy comes to Rock City on Sunday 5 May 2019

Get your tickets here 

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