Interview: Creepin' With Trinity Square

Interview: Rachael Halaburda
Monday 29 April 2019
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Notts Lads Trinity Square are moving up fast in the hip-hop grime world. Rachael Halaburda heard all about it…


Huey, ZIA, YD, B5IVE and Trizzy VS are up and coming urban act, Trinity Square. Notts born and raised, these guys are making some serious noise in the music world already, especially with new single Creepin’ and its huge video to accompany it. Already named Track of the Week on the likes of BBC Radio 1Xtra, Rachael Halaburda caught up with the group to learn about their latest release, and plans for the future:

When did you first form and how did it come about?
We formed by accident because we most of us went to the same school. One day, we were around my friend’s house, we just started rapping and it sounded good. We thought, you know what, let's try to make a song out of it. We put it out there and we got a good response.That was about a year ago now, from there we just kept making songs.

So you’re a hip hop and grime act, beyond this how would you describe your sound?
It’s very unorthodox, there’s no specific way to describe it. I think we sound different because we've got five people in the group. One member might sound more like rap, another like hip-hop, and there’s elements of R&B in our music as well - it’s really just a mish mash of everything. All I know, is that it just sounds good!

Who would you say have been your biggest musical influences as a group?
Lil Wayne, because he’s my favourite rapper and Tory Lanez because he's very versatile. Drake as well - he’s more like an idol, just the way he carries himself. I like Blue Face Baby a lot right now, I can’t lie. Lil Baby as well, I like the way they carry themselves, it’s proper. They are always making songs; I like the work rate and I wanna be like that. Young Adz and LB too, the way they’ve got the UK on a lock right now is good, and that inspires you to do better.

When you perform what reaction is it that you really want to see and feel from
your audience?
I’m tryna see energy in the audience, because if you have that, it brings a lot more vibe to the stage.

Which of your songs would you say you are most proud of and why?
I feel like we get better with every song we do, so probably Creepin’, our most recent track. We didn’t like the original beat so we just had to stop. We spent a lot of time on it. Hours and hours in the studio just to come out with nothing. Until we thought, okay, we’re
just gonna write to something, so we slapped a random beat on. And we were like, “yo this sounds hard”, so that’s why we are most proud of that particular track.

Am I right in thinking you have recently changed your name from 5IVERS to Trinity Square? 
Yeah, we had to for copyright reasons, legal stuff. Stuff that my managers deal with...

What made you choose the new name?
Trinity Square is in the heart of Nottingham city centre. It’s also a good name; I don't hear Trinity Square said too often, but you know where it is, even if we don't hear it. It always tells you that we’re from Nottingham city.

Can you tell us about the writing and recording process you go through when making a track?
We’ll be in the studio and will have the beat on repeat for like an hour. You don't want to come in the same as someone else in the group, and that's good because we all are versatile; so we will come on with a different flow, we all bring something different to the table. We do choose a topic so we are all talking about the same thing, not specifically but roughly. With five different people in the group, you can think of anything.

Creepin’ came out this March and already has over 20K views on YouTube. What do you want to tell us about your new single?
I think it’s a banger, the video and the song replicate each other very well. It’s gritty but smooth - that’s what's weird. I don’t hear anything else like it.

The visuals of your music videos are amazing. Is it your own ideas that goes into what we see?
I'm in the studio with YD and Chev comes in, our manager. He comes in like, “boom so lads, we’re recording Creepin’ next. What do you think about the video?”

It’s not even a big group discussion, it’s very natural. So I'll just be like “yeah I think we should do like a ‘purge’ thing, masks with lights”. He was feelin’ it and next thing, we announced it to the group and they were feelin’ it too and that was that. The next video will be similar, just put an idea forward and see what everyone thinks. Shout to JP Clear Vision for that one.

Finally is there anything exciting you’ve got coming up that you’d like to share with us?
Shows, we're going to be everywhere this summer. TS going to be everywhere.

Trinity Square website.

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