Food Review: The Embankment

Words: Georgianna Scurfield
Saturday 24 August 2019
reading time: min, words

Without a doubt, The Embankment has the most inclusive menu of all the pubs I know in Nottingham...


With two pages of vegan options and four pages of gluten-free options, rest assured, if you have dietary requirements, you will not be left with sad and sloppy mushroom risotto whilst all your dining companions chomp into a mountain of pie, chips and gravy.

My date and I dined on a Thursday evening, we chose a spot in the conservatory with the sun shining through, and we ate. Man did we eat. We started with a couple of dishes from the tapas menu to share: a portion of perfectly crispy tempura cauliflower, some patatas bravas and bread and balsamic. The sizes were generous and the quality was good. Enough said, now the main event - curreh.

We shared the South Indian dahl and the curry of the day, Lamb Roghan Josh. Both came with rice, naan bread and chutney. The lamb was so tender, your Nan would be able to tackle it dentures and all. And although I seasoned the dahl with a little more salt, my date said I was ruining a perfectly flavoured dish. We washed all this down with a pint of the daddy of all blonde beer, the classic Harvest Pale. It was spot on.

As our bellies swelled and we leaned back on our chairs exclaiming that we couldn’t possibly eat another bite, the very friendly waiter came by and asked us about dessert. Ten minutes later I had finished off the best brownie sundae I’ve ever had. The brownie chunks were strategically placed throughout the whole of the sundae and, most importantly, they were still warm, even the bits at the bottom that were covered in ice cream. BEST. SUNDAE. EVER.

The Embankment is a beautiful pub with a lovely beer garden, the food is excellent and the menu is varied and thoughtful. It’s now one of my staple places to eat out in Notts, even though I live on the other side of town.

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