Thrash Titans Exodus and Death Angel to Bring 2020 Carnage to Rescue Rooms

Words: Alex Mace
Wednesday 06 November 2019
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Bay Area thrash titans Exodus and Death Angel are set to bring carnage and mayhem aplenty to Rescue Rooms next March, and one of our resident metalheads Alex has a word or two to say about this line-up of dreams, or perhaps more accurately, of nightmares...


Do you know what’s better than a rampage of eloquent dissonance from, not one, but two groups of immortal thrash deities? Because we don’t.

Both Exodus and Death Angel have quietly but diligently flown the unwavering flag of thrash metal beneath the towering names of the Big Four - the so-called kings of the sub-genre including Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer - each building their respective loyal horde of headbangers; let the music speak for itself and you’ll see why.

Thrash metal is a sub-genre that prides itself on its stupendous displays of speed, harsh yet accessible vocals and a whole lot of flame-spitting, demon-slaying attitude. As other highly appraised metal icons arguably lose their way with the rolling years, the fact that Exodus and Death Angel refuse to stray from such form goes part and parcel with their widely-recognised prestige across the community; almost four decades on from their mid-eighties genesis.

But before the two towering tyrants of titanic turmoil rain thunder upon the unsuspecting walls of Rescue Rooms, here’s a quick summary of both acts to get you up to speed.


Despite these headliners needing no introduction, we’re going to give them one anyway. Characterised by lead vocalist Steve Souza’s cackling growls, abrasive cries and gorgeously vicious shredding from guitarists Gary Holt and Lee Altus, Exodus remain one to pick out of the increasingly crowded pond of thrash outfits. Souza’s vocals hold an intimidating front, at times sounding like a more badass version of Golem from Lord of the Rings, but with no issues converting the minds of even the most clean-shaven non-metalhead your mind could conjure.

The hypnotic singing will haunt your dreams (in a good way, promise!) but it’s the cascading and mind-bending riffs from the likes of Strike of the Beast or the almost metal-party-anthem of The Toxic Waltz that certifies their prowess, spitting in the face of time itself; real bangers never die. With 2014’s Blood In, Blood Out being their most recent full-length release, it’s an encouraging sight that Souza and co show no intention of slamming on the creative brakes while there’s plenty of coal left for the fire.

Death Angel

It’s true, Exodus has the bigger logo on the poster but you’d be a fool to overlook their partners-in- crime. Exodus may trump their guests in the realms of more consistent releases but Death Angel have joined the small list of thrash icons that have hauled their sound into the modern-age with good footing. Following a revised line-up in 2010 the six-piece, headed up by vocalist Mark Osegueda, championed the new decade with a string of four fantastic releases concluded by this year’s Humanicide displaying a level of craftsmanship that places it firmly in the running for best metal album of the year.

Is it the heavy and raspy vocals or the grandiose, and at times progressive, musicality that got them to where they are? It’s probably both; and now you have the chance to see them alongside one of the genre’s greatest living legends.

Exodus and Death Angel play Rescue Rooms on Monday 9 March 2020.

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