A 48 Hour Music Stream Is Raising Funds For A Kids Hospital Ward

Words: Ellie Aindow
Tuesday 05 November 2019
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...and it’s all DJs on deck. Ellie Aindow tells us more about Music Is The Answer, a community project that’s happening at FourFour DJ Academy. Dig deep music fans.


Last year Luke Gordon from FourFour DJ Academy spent a lot of time on the Children’s wards at the QMC, where the team rehabilitated his stepson who was involved in a car accident. During this time he noticed a lack of electronic devices on the Children’s Wards such as tablets and Nintendo Switches, so he set about to raise some cash to kit them out.

Around the same time as this, he started working at FourFour DJ Academy where he saw first hand the many benefits of music not only for rehabilitation but to build confidence and ultimately, for fun. Determined to bring the joy of music to the hospital that helped his family, Luke has decided to put on a 48-hour live radio event. The aim? To raise money to buy equipment for the hospital, allowing children and adults to listen, relax and play music and reap the positive effects that he’s seen it bring to his students over the past year.

We work here with children who use their sessions like a music therapy with the results astounding their parents and carers. There is loads of positive research and literature into music therapy so it had me thinking...

However, as any DJ worth their salt will tell you, the equipment doesn’t come cheap so Luke hopes to raise between three and five thousand pounds in order to buy a DJ desk, decks, speakers, cables, USBs and headphones. On top of this Charlie Fletcher, Director at FourFour, has agreed for the team to volunteer some time to go out and teach the children on site if they manage to get these set ups put in place.

Luke and co are pulling in all of their contacts, including a few famous faces, and their aim is to stream two days of constant music via an Internet-based radio, including a live webcam feed of the DJs/MCs/Singers so you can see them in action.

With 48 hours of constant air time to fill they are looking for DJs to take part in the event too, so if you are interested in helping to raise money for this worthwhile cause then drop Luke a message over on their Facebook page.

We love a community cause, especially a creative one like this. So Notts folk, why not head online and give them a little like and donate towards the pot? And be sure to tune in on the 6th December to see and hear some great music, as well as a very tired Luke, we’re sure…

Music Is The Answer - 48hrs of DJs steams live on Friday 6th December at 6pm, until Saturday 7th December at 6pm.

More info and links to donate.

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