Theatre Preview: Rhymes Against Humanity at Metronome

Words: LeftLion
Monday 20 January 2020
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Like a bit of improv? You're gonna love these guys...


Yeah yeah, we’ve all thought we’d be good at creating a musical. After watching Cats, most of us definitely thought we could do better than that. But if you want to watch something that is made up on the spot and is actually great, then Rhymes Against Humanity is the show for you. It’s Nottingham’s best-selling improv show, and it’s back at Metronome on Friday 24 January.

It works pretty simply. They select a member of the audience to give them a show title, then they pull out a full-length musical out of nowhere. It’s an all-out chuckle-worthy extravaganza, which we all most definitely need at the end of the week.

Of the show, Artistic Director Lloydie James Lloyd says: “Making up a musical from scratch is a weirdly liberating thing. For a start, we don’t have to do what Andrew Lloyd Webber has written or wants us to do!

“The great thing about an improvised musical is that absolutely anything can happen. We are often as surprised by plot twists and character choices as the audience are.

“The audience suggests the title and remain very much a part of the show. Their responses to what happens on stage helps us develop the musical. We really are all in it together.”

They’ve just been announced as the first UK group to ever play the New York Musical Improv Festival, so they must be onto summat special. Lloydie and the group are well excited about this, saying, “This is a huge vote of confidence in Nottingham’s thriving improvised comedy scene. We are the first and only musical improv group to have played this festival despite this being their 11th year.

“Going to New York City to perform in an established improv theatre as part of a gathering of some of the world’s greatest musical improvisers is an absolute dream for us.”

Rhymes Against Humanity have that to celebrate and more, as their Nottingham show also marks the group’s fourth birthday. Strap on yer party hats, toot those party tooters and get on down to see ‘em.

Rhymes Against Humanity are performing at Metronome on Friday 24 January.

Metronome website

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