9 Gigs to Go to in Nottingham This Month

Words: Alex Mace
Tuesday 11 February 2020
reading time: min, words

Get yourself out the house and in the crowd for these lot... 


The 1975 – Motorpoint Arena, Saturday 15 Feb
Securing a third consecutive UK #1 album with their latest release A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, The 1975 remains one of the hottest indie outfits currently gracing the charts. Taking themselves on 15,000-kilometre journey from the land down under, they kick off the UK leg of their indomitable international takeover at the Motorpoint Arena.


Jimmy Evans debut EP launch – Rescue Rooms, Saturday 17 Feb
The acoustic sessions at Rescue Rooms have played host to the likes of Jake Bugg, George Ezra and Dua Lipa, and singer-songwriter Jimmy Evans is mounting the very same proving grounds for the launch of his upcoming EP. Expect a gorgeous blend of country, Americana and blues harnessed through rich soulful vocal melodies and the timeless sounds of acoustic guitar; make sure to show him your open arms - he could be the next Bugg before long.


James Blunt – Motorpoint Arena, Thursday 20 Feb
After a brief moment of flirting with the realms of electronica, Blunt returns to his humble roots of a man and his guitar for his Once Upon a Mind tour. But don’t let his understated guise disarm you, for James is armed with a formidable array of bangers that’ll easily knock any unsuspecting newbie to the floor. It’s your chance to embrace the inner-romantic inside us all with hits like Cold, Goodbye My Lover, Shine On and Wise Men that simply demand a sing-along.


My Pet Fauxes – Metronome, Friday 21 Feb
These fellas know how to make you dance it has to be said. Metronome brings us an opportunity to indulge in some classic, and more importantly local, indie pop from My Pet Fauxes, a band that has swiftly attracted critical acclaim along with 50,000 Spotify streams on their current magnum opus; Twist It. If you find yourself on that dance floor without an ear-to-ear grin on your face you might be a little mad.


Boy and Bear – Rescue Rooms, Saturday 22 Feb
These Aussie favourites are kindly bringing over their multi-platinum awarded material up from the southern hemisphere to treat anyone who should grace the Rescue Rooms on Saturday 22. The folk-rock outfit are award-laden at this point so it should be no surprise if tickets fly quickly and considering they’re only in the UK for less than a week, you’d be daft not to pay them a visit.


Kiefer Sutherland – Rock City, Sunday 23 Feb
Kiefer Sutherland? As in 24’s Kiefer Sutherland? Blimey. Yes, for those not in the know, 2016 saw the beginning of British-Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland’s, or Jack Bauer as many will know him by, music career take flight. Branding his discography with a dab of Americana here and some country there, it’s a real shame that he hid that voice for so long. Fortunately he’s dropping by Rock City later this month, just don’t expect too many action stunts about the stage.


Twin Peaks – The Bodega, Friday 24 Feb
If the producer who’s worked with names like Kings of Leon, Paul McCartney and the Kaiser Chiefs call you the best rock and roll band he’s heard for a long time; we’d dare say that you’ve got something going on. This is the case for Illinois indie rockers Twin Peaks, who will be bringing their garage-y, youth-infused hits to Nottingham’s Bodega for an absolute romper. It’s a night out that absolutely reeks of a good time and frantic antics; can’t wait.


Shakespeare’s songs – Royal Concert Hall, Tuesday 25 Feb
Are you a sucker for the elaborate classics of William Shakespeare? What about that fine ole thing called singing? Well how does a musical recital of the eternal workings of one of the greatest writers of all-time sound? Sounds like a hoot to us. As part of the Celebrating Shakespeare Festival, the Royal Concert Hall will be the local of choice for this evening of symphonic sonnets.


Sancho Panza – The Bodega, Friday 28 Feb
Now here are a bunch of rising local stars. With appearances at the Beat the Streets festival and the Bodega’s own 20th anniversary performance, this indie, slacker rock, dream pop, psych rock (they’re a hard bunch to fit in one box) quintet make their debut headline show at the Bodega to round off the month. Never will you hear such a soundscape of tranquil melodies and delicate guitar-work so effortlessly concocted than by Sancho Panza; we can’t think of a better way to spend the beginning of the end of February. 

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