8 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained During Self-Isolation

Illustrations: Carmel Ward
Tuesday 14 April 2020
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Struggling to keep the little'uns entertained during lockdown? Don't worry, we've got you covered...


Joe Wicks PE Lessons
Sticking the kids in front of the TV or tablet will actually be useful for once. Yes, the famous curly-haired fitness hunk that mum dribbles over is now live-streaming PE lessons every weekday at 9am. It’ll help get their gears whirring before they start their school work, so they feel energised when they’re doing it. He’s even donating all proceeds to the NHS. Good lad.

Rainbow Window Pictures
Who put the colours in the rainbow? Well, it could be your little ‘uns. All over the country people are drawing multi-coloured arches and putting them in their windows to help spread hope. We know the word ‘paint’ can bring a sense of dread to parents but, trust us, it’ll be worth it to help create a bit of much-needed joy. Plus, you can always use felt tips or pencils. Time for a cheeky art attack if you ask us.

Design a LeftLion Cover
For the first time ever, we’ve got a blank cover. Well, we’re waiting for you to head back to page 23, print it off and colour it in. Get out your nicest colouring set, glue on some tissue paper, whack on some glitter… we think there’s loads you can do. We’ve managed to come up 124 different ideas over the years, so if you want some inspo, have a gander at our archives. After you’re finished, show it off to us by tagging us on the socials. We might even be putting them to use in the future...

The Great Indoors
With outside exercise limited to once a day and social gatherings banned, all the ‘typical’ Scout tasks are out for the foreseeable. However, they’ve now popped their rainy day resources on their website with short activities for a variety of age groups. We’re lovin’ the look of the leafy hedgehog. The tasks are all really thoughtful and well-explained too. There is sure to be something to entertain – Scout’s honour.

Learning resource website Twinkl have made all their shiny worksheets free for a month. When the school work dries up, you can download and print off a range of activities for the kids to get into. As well as school subject work, there’s colouring sheets, craft ideas and izzy-wizzy science experiments. They have resources for kids of all ages, so they’ll have no excuse to nag you about being bored. 

Johnny and the Raindrops
For obvious reasons, Notts musician Johnny is without his raindrops at the moment. It’s not all bad though – he’s still jamming, and live-streaming kid-friendly musical songs that you can join in with. You can lob song requests at him, and he’s even doing shout-outs too so your children can get all starstruck. He also has some cracking original songs that you’ll have stuck on repeat in your head. Sorry in advance.

Cosmic Kids Yoga
Such big life changes all at once is a lot to deal with, and your kids may be feeling a bit stressed about it all. Help them chill out and calm down by getting a bit zen. Not only are there yoga and meditation videos that are fun and easy for them to do, but the website also has resources for mindful parenting. You could do this indoors or even in the garden to make it extra relaxing. 

Young Creative Awards
Have you got a tween, teen or adult child in the house who is bursting with creativity? If they live, work, or study in the Nottingham area, they can enter these marvellous awards. There are ten different categories to choose from, and they’ve got plenty of time to enter it too, as the deadline has been extended to Monday 27 April. They can create something new, or even enter their university or schoolwork. With it being free to apply, as well as cash prizes and industry experience up for grabs, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And Remember…
It’s important for children to carry on their learning, but they have also had their whole routines taken away too and may be struggling to understand the situation. Make sure to check up on them regularly, ask them if they have any questions about COVID-19 or anything else, and make sure they do something that makes them smile every day too. Bake a cake. Play in the garden. Just treasure the extra time with them. 

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