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Tuesday 12 May 2020
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It's time to show your love on social media for Brian Clough, one of Nottingham's best-loved rebels. May 2020 marks the anniversary of his two greatest achievements. Please join us in celebrating his life by taking part in the #CloughChallenge...


LeftLion are joining forces with Nottingham Castle to celebrate the life of Brian Clough and we want you to get involved too. This month marks the 40th and 41st anniversaries of Nottingham Forest’s European Cup wins against Malmo (30 May 1979) and Hamburg (28 May 1980), perhaps Brian's two greatest footballing achievements, in a long list of them.

Brian Clough was one of Nottingham's favourite rebels and perhaps what stands out most these days are the quotes and soundbites he left us with. To celebrate his life we are asking the people of Nottingham (and beyond) to remember the life of Brian with us by using his words to take part in the #CloughChallenge on social media. 

It's really simple. Here's a three step guide of what to do:

  1. Choose your favourite Brian Clough quote
    For those of you seeking inspiration there are lots to choose from on

  2. Film a selfie video of yourself saying it to camera. 
    Feel free to wear a Forest shirt, a green jumper or any other suitable attire whilst doing so.

  3. Share your video to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #CloughChallenge
    And if you want us and the world to see and share it, make sure your video/ post settings are public. 

Towards the end of May we will approach some #CloughChallenge participants to ask if we can use your videos to edit into a longer 'best of' piece. 

The #CloughChallenge is part of a wider campaign from LeftLion and Nottingham Castle to celebrate Nottingham Rebels and Nottingham's great history of rebellion. 

People who have accepted the challenge so far...

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