Interview: Susan, Conducted by Daphnellc for City Beat Radio

Words: Eileen Pegg
Saturday 16 May 2020
reading time: min, words

Susan is a singer, songwriter and performer, originally from Notts. Daphnellc also produces and performs, with a regular show on City Beat Radio. What happens when two creative, musical minds have a natter together? Listen back to the interview to find out...

Susan is an experimental electro pop artist, whose work explores the overpowering feelings of growing up different, documenting their utopian getaway - in this case, it’s referring to early years spent growing up in the Nottinghamshire countryside before escaping to art school in London, via a two-year stint at the revered Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. 

Though now residing in the capital, susan often returns to Notts for producing and gigging, including a birthday bash at JT Soar at the start of the year. When in London, time is split between meeting as many like-minded people as possible, recording music (with and without collaborators) and more recently, performing at self-run event Socialist Sad Girl Singing Club.

Back in December last year, we reviewed both susan and Daphnellc’s releases and now, as the exciting Suepreme project is slowly showing the world what it’s made of, it’s the perfect time for these two artists to ‘meet’ again - and actually have a conversation this time.

What resulted is a heartwarming and interesting chat, with ‘bitter’ revelations from susan, an insight into Daphnellc’s study of music-for-therapy, and all musical ground covered from Yyves Tumor to Ariana Grande; a love letter to great pop music, as well as undefined genres and those who continue to push them.

This all might sound quite serious, but as susan says - just have a laugh, life’s too short. Especially during these times. Listen, learn and laugh along with this interview, originally streamed on City Beat Radio on 14 May and made in collaboration with LeftLion.

Tracklist from susan’s closing playlist:

Forever - Charli XCX
BB - Shygirl
Gospel for a New Country - Yves Tumor
Womxn - Lapsley
Winter Music - Phonewifey ft CY AN
Back on Top - Amara 
Wild Time - susan
Sad Day - FKA twigs

suepreme project
City Beat Radio

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