Two Free Doughnotts For Every LeftLion King Supporter on Patreon

Tuesday 02 March 2021
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Yes, you read it right. We're giving away a couple of Nottingham's tastiest donuts to our beloved King supporters. Read on to find out how to get your mitts on them...


We’re excited about the shops re-opening next month! So excited in fact that we’ve agreed a deal with our friends at Doughnotts to give out two donuts each to all LeftLion’s King supporters on Patreon.

When we post out the April issue of our magazine to our ‘King’ Patreons we will be including two Doughnotts vouchers in the package, which will be redeemable at Doughnotts outlets when they re-open on 12 April. Each voucher will get you any donut from their tasty range. You don’t even have to buy anything else (although we highly recommend you do). Just turn up with the vouchers at their store, hand them over and you will receive two of their tasty treats (one per voucher).

If you’re not already a Supporter of LeftLion, you can become one to get these vouchers anytime up until Weds 31 March 2021, on our Patreon page. It costs £12, payments are taken once a month on the 1st of each month. Plus you get other treats too including:

  • Access to exclusive Patreon-only LeftLion content
  • Shout-outs on our social media
  • Your name (or the name of a pet, child, small business etc) printed in each issue
  • Our magazine sent through the post each month
  • An A4 art print of the cover on 350gsm silk paper with each issue
  • The joy of knowing you are supporting local independent journalism

Please remember that these vouchers are for King Patreons only (if you sign up to Cub or Big Cat tiers, you get everything except our postal service). Kings will receive the vouchers through the mail (alongside the new issue and art print) on or before Friday 9 April, just in time for their re-opening the following Monday. Following your first payment you can reduce or cancel your payment anytime you like... although we do hope most of you will stick around. We have some other fine local treats on the cards for you too. 

Finally, if you just fancy a discount via Doughnotts Home Delivery service, rather than signing up as a LeftLion supporter then use the code LEFTLION10 at checkout and you will get 10% off anyway. Mmmm doughnotts....

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