Notts Wellness Coach Victoria Louise Explains How She Uses the Moon for Yoga and Mindfulness

Photos: Charlotte Jones
Interview: Lizzy O'Riordan
Wednesday 06 April 2022
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For as long as humans have stared at the sky, they’ve been fascinated by the moon. Mystified by its beauty, and curious about its unknowability, the satellite has inspired art, technology, and even language, with the word ‘lunatic’ stemming from the Roman Goddess of the moon - Luna. Yet, today we have surprisingly little connection with the moon, despite its importance. In light of this, we catch up with yoga teacher and wellness coach Victoria Louise, learning more about our connection with the moon, its feminine energy, and her Under The Moon rituals…


You’re a yoga teacher and wellness coach who describes herself as working with the moon….
Yes, so I work within the four main phases of the moon: the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon, and the last quarter moon. And when I say I’m working with it, that means that I’m tracking the different phases, and tracking my own energy levels in accordance with the moon. Then using certain rituals to correspond with each phase.

Do you have an example of a ritual?
So, for example, the new moon is the period when the sky is black, and that’s the time to set our intentions for the month ahead. It’s perfect because it’s the time of rest and rejuvenation. So, I’ll use that time to set my intentions for what I want to achieve that month, and then as the moon grows, so will your intentions. 

Farmers actually used to do something similar where they would plant their seeds during the new moon. That way, by the time it got to the full moon, you’d have the sun and the moon's energy shining down on the land, causing a gust of growth. It’s the same with our intentions, we’re letting the energy build and build and build until the full moon and then we see what’s come to fruition over the last few weeks.

We all know the sun affects our mood. Is the moon the same?
Definitely. We’re 60% water and if the moon affects the tides, why wouldn’t it affect us? When the moon and the sun are shining there is a sense of heightened energy which can affect people, sometimes making them feel weird or erratic. 

But, again, you can generally break it down into the four settings of the moon. The new moon is classed as winter so you’re likely to feel a bit funky. The first quarter is spring so you’re starting to pick up momentum and feel good. The full moon is summer and you’re most likely to feel a lot of energy. Then the last quarter is autumn, and that’s when you’re most likely to be critical and harsh on yourself.

You also look at the moon through a feminine perspective…
That’s actually how I got looking at the moon in the first place. It was around the time I was first dealing with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and I was struggling with my menstrual cycle. Working with the moon allowed me to connect to the feminine, and to track those different stages of energy even when I wasn’t having my own cycle. The moon cycle is twenty eight days which aligns with the standard feminine cycle, and it also has similar peaks and troughs of energy. Even if we don’t have a period, or if our period isn’t aligned with the moon, she can still remind us of important questions. Should I be giving my energy out? Or do I need to nourish myself and focus inwards?

When the moon and the sun are shining there is a sense of heightened energy which can affect people, sometimes making them feel weird or erratic

Do you think of the moon as female then? 
I do think of her as a she. It’s a wonderful thing that the world is becoming more non binary, but traditionally the sun has the masculine energy and the moon has the feminine. The sun is on all the time, always bright and shining, but because of her placement the moon doesn't always have the same gusto of energy. She has time to rest, and I think we (women) feel connected to her because she has that break and that week where she isn’t seen. We likewise need that time of darkness and nurturing. 

It’s nice to think of the moon bringing women together…
Yes! And there is this old concept of women bleeding alongside the moon cycle, and syncing with each other. There used to be this thing called red tents where women gathered together, and traditionally they’d all bleed together. It was a place for them to all bring food and be nurtured by each other, and to be allowed time to rest. It’s really quite powerful looking at history and seeing the power of the feminine. 

If we think of the sun as masculine and the moon as feminine, do you think there’s something political in people taking the moon less seriously? 
I love that you asked that. And I would say yes. Like we’ve said, we know the sun affects our mood and how things grow. But we do forget that the moon has such a piece to play in that, and we don’t give it enough credit. My dad is an ex-policeman and he always said that during the full moon people were wild on the streets and they’d have to get more policemen on night shifts. Likewise, the teachers I know say the kids are always more wild around a full moon. Which is so fascinating. 

You run Under The Moon rituals. What does that involve? 
I do the rituals either on the new moon or the full moon. In both there is always breathwork, always meditation, and always a ritual that’s connected to whichever phase of the moon it is. For example, in my last workshop I talked about cleansing the body, in terms of social media, and what you put into your body to build yourself up. It’s always focused on what you need to put forth in the world, or what you need to release and let go. 

What would you recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about the moon? 
Come to me, of course! But also a really good resource is Moonology by Yasmin Boland, which is a really nice introduction to working with the moon. And there’s another really good one called the Moon Journal, which was really my starting point, and something I refer back to regularly. It’s got everything you need to know, and it’s so concise. 

Victoria is running a Wild Women Ceremony on April 10 2022, details of which can be found online at her website

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