The Thompsons on Cycling, Melton Mowbray and the Energy Crisis

Photos: Natalie Owen
Wednesday 14 September 2022
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The Thompsons are back with some more super serious chat...


First Bikes
Our first ever bikes as children were Raleigh Fourteens. Then the first bikes we ever bought ourselves were a pair of Raleigh Wayfarers. They were both blue, they had three speeds and they were as heavy as lead. They cost £35 each, which was a lot of money back then. We were sixteen or seventeen and we got paid £1.50 per day each for our Saturday job, so it must have taken the best part of a year to save up.

Cycling to Melton Mowbray
About six or seven years ago we bought ourselves a couple of new hybrid bicycles from Freewheel in town. We swapped our tyres to Kevlar and decided we wanted to test them out so we cycled to Melton Mowbray and back. We’re not sure what possessed us to do that, we must have been demented. We couldn’t walk for a week afterwards. We’ve barely used those bikes since.

Energy Crisis
It’s nonsense. There’s absolutely no need for this to be happening. If you look at the profits for companies like BP last year, they’re raking it in. That situation has caused all of us to suffer and they need to be taxed to the hilt to make it stop. If they don’t then everyone should stop using electricity for a day or a week and see how they like that.

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