Under Cover Artist: Chloe Allen

Thursday 22 September 2022
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This month’s cover artist, photographer Chloe Allen, takes us inside her creative process…


Tell us a bit about yourself…
I am a photographer of around eight or nine years and hold a degree in Art and Design. I wanted to follow my great-grandad and take photos for the RAF but, unfortunately, I was unable to do that. I found a different path for my creativity and focused on fashion photography. I admire all areas of photography and am always taking photos of anything I think looks intriguing. In my work I like to look at areas that you wouldn’t necessarily think of using and use that as a backdrop, I like to find beauty in things that aren't noticed and share that with people so they can see it too. 

What was the inspiration behind the cover? 
I wanted to capture the magazine theme of cycling whilst also showing some of the architecture around the city that you might otherwise miss. When on a bike or walking around we tend to be looking forward, rather than up at what’s around us, meaning we don’t always notice some of the hidden sights. (Please don’t look up whilst cycling – I don’t want you to crash). I also wanted to portray the openness of it, the freedom, the wind and what’s all around you, the space that you’re cycling through. 

How does it compare with some other projects you’ve worked on?
My focus is usually on fashion so it is quite different to what I am used to working on. I have also been in a few magazines but this is my first front cover; I was honoured to be asked to do it and very excited to challenge myself in a new area. I had to think differently and take into consideration new aspects of the image. That being said, I thought about the bike as being the model – what angle would it look best at, the negative space, etc.

I would like to have my own studio and possibly publish a photo book

Tell us about some projects you’ve worked on in the past…
One of my favourite projects I’ve worked on was creating a fashion-based Zine in 3D based on humans and the connection we have with music. I organised, designed and shot three photos based on eighties songs. It was challenging as I had never done anything to that scale before, but I wanted to create something I am passionate about, whilst learning something new. The 3D part was the most interesting as I got to see my photography come to life on paper. 

A couple of my other favourite projects were ones that were spontaneous. For example, one shoot fell through for a few models meaning I had to step in to take some photos of them at an amazing venue. I ended up taking some of my favourite photos I've ever shot. 

I have some more projects in mind but they are hush for now... 

What have you got planned for the future?
Keep pushing my photography. If we are talking a while into the future, I would like to have my own studio and possibly publish a photo book. I would love my own space where I can create crazy concepts and there are no limitations – that's the long-term dream. As for now I am going to keep doing what I love and keep taking photos whenever I can. 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the LeftLion readers?
I hope you’re enjoying your coffee whilst reading this – have a great day! (If you don’t have a drink, go get one. And some cake).


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