Gig Review: Peaness at The Bodega

Words: Michael Prince
Photos: Michael Prince
Saturday 22 October 2022
reading time: min, words

We sent Michael Prince down to The Bodega for the Peaness gig... question is, can he make it through this review without making an innuendo?


There was definitely an organic vegetable theme tonight, with some fruity goodness too. Got to keep yourself fed and healthy, particularly in these difficult times. Peaness told us that they had found good cheap food beforehand at the Balti House, where Rach had been identified as the drummer, because they thought she looked like Ringo Star’s daughter! I didn’t know he had one… 

It was a night of celebration too, as it was keyboardist Nikki’s birthday. Secretly, the audience members were given party poppers, and at the appointed time (when the glitter cannons went off) the audience set their party poppers off too. Throughout their set, the band all wore the best party hats I’ve seen for ages. 


They were supported by Citrus, a band with soaring vocals and guitars over shoulders and heads, resulting in an animated set. Tonight, they were missing their usual drummer Isaac, so Tom was admirably filling in, and the second vocalist and guitarist brought depth to the songs that sometimes is lacking in bands. It worked brilliantly, and the most memorable moment of their set was the track Fruit Machine

Back to Peaness though. Their new album World Full of Worry was perfectly apt this week with the collapse of the government, something that Peaness are definitely not shedding a tear over. Politics is close to their hearts, and the band are all the better for it - we have enough bland songs on the national radio, anyway. They played quite a few new songs, as well as one or two older ones, including Oh George, which refers to Osbourne and his – ahem - austerity measures. It was announced by Jess with a shout of “F*ck Tories!”. 


One thing about Peaness is that they sing such sad songs with such joy and brightness, keeping the audience participating and dancing. This is their strength: they have the knack of producing chirpy, bouncing songs that leave you smiling, even when the subject matter is heart-breaking, or full of rage and anger. And I saw lots of smiling faces tonight, which is what live music is all about. 

Wow, I’ve got through the whole review without making one innuendo!

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