Food Review: Dispatch

Words: Lizzy O'Riordan
Friday 16 December 2022
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Drawing inspiration from a certain Wes Anderson film, we love Dispatch Coffee...


Let’s start this review by saying that I’m a fan of Wes Anderson films. The sense of wonder, the whimsical colour palette, the little oddities. These are all things that I value pretty highly in his work. Naturally, therefore, I was delighted to step into Dispatch Coffee for the first time. Bright pink walls, green panelling, velvet chairs. Set aside the need for everything to be perfectly aligned and you’d believe you were walking into a set from one of Anderson’s movies. 

Aesthetics aside, it’s also fantastic coffee. Open until 7pm each night and stationed in trendy Hockley, it’s quickly become my favourite post-work drink stop, serving pretty much every kind of coffee from espresso to latte - the latter of which is my usual order, though all the options are tempting, with beans supplied by Nottingham-based Outpost Coffee Roasters.

Stocked with a counter of ever-changing pastries and sweet treats, there’s no shortage of tasty sides to have with your chosen drink. And with the catchphrase ‘Pas de Souci’ translating to ‘No Worries’, it truly is a relaxing spot to let the time go by, whether that's by sitting in the upstairs window people-watching, or curling up on the yellow sofa to read your book. 

As for savoury food, however - ever a sweet tooth - I’m yet to have tried any. But from what I see the grilled sandwiches look perfect, particularly the (well-named) ‘Dispatch’, which is stuffed with pastrami, sauerkraut, mustard mayo and swiss cheese. 

A really adorable addition to Goose Gate, you’ll find Dispatch by looking for the bright yellow door opposite White Rose WR2. Great hot drinks, the best interior design and plenty of snack options, I heartily recommend. 

2 Goosegate, Hockley, NG1 

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