Gig Review: Cavetown at Rough Trade

Words: Isabelle Hunter
Photos: Rae Dowling
Saturday 03 December 2022
reading time: min, words

To celebrate the release of his new album worm food, Cavetown took to the stage at Rough Trade in Nottingham to showcase their brand-new tracks, alongside some classic favourites…


Amidst the sea of frog hats and brightly coloured flags that filled Rough Trade in Nottingham, Cavetown (Robbie) stepped out armed with only his guitar and a ukulele by their side. The crowd were gentle and quiet, almost seeming nervous to applaud when Robbie stepped onstage. This set up the rest of the show as a relaxed energy, highlighted perfectly by the intimate venue of Rough Trade.

The show kicked off with fall in love with a girl – a song that originally features beabadoobee and includes a variety of instrumental moments that empower the track. However, this acoustic version allowed the audience to focus fully on Robbie’s vocals, and in my opinion, made the song a little more raw and authentic.

Followed swiftly by frog and Juliet, Robbie’s interaction with the audience was really sweet. As Robbie said, ‘you guys have pretty voices’, one audience member replied with ‘so do you!’, as the rest of crowd quietly agreed with claps and giggles. During Juliet, audience members pulled out a variety of pride flags, as one person waved the transgender flag above the crowd. It’s clear that Robbie’s music and gigs create such a safe space for each person in this crowd, and it was lovely to see people resonating with his lyrics.


Despite Robbie’s endless talent that was showcased through their set, he seemed very down to earth and grounded. In between songs, their transitions included sentences such as ‘here’s another song’ – a simple but effective way to introduce … yet another song! His personality shown through as the audience had a glimpse into their characterisations outside of his music.

A clear fan favourite was Lemon Boy, which originally came out four years ago but is clearly a timeless classic. It came as no surprise when the crowd new every word, and with Robbie’s smile, you can tell how much this meant to him.


Despite Robbie’s set being a smaller and more intimate gig, he packed out the set with songs for everyone. From their brand-new album to his oldest songs, the hour-long set felt like a full-blown gig with all the bells and whistles. Robbie’s final song Hug All Ur Friends struck heartstrings across the crowd, as a few (including myself) shed a tear at the lyrics.

This track is clearly so important to many of his fans, as each person held their friends and partners as they swayed along to the lyrics. It really was a delight to see what his music means to his fans, and I hope Robbie knows their impact on this young generation.

I first saw Cavetown around three years ago, and it was lovely to see their development as an artist. Their new album highlights this growth and is a wonderful listen, I would highly recommend catching them on their next tour to get the full Cavetown experience!

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