Peggy's Skylight Campaign To 'Buy More Time' Appears To Have Worked. For Now.

Monday 09 January 2023
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Nottingham jazz club Peggy’s Skylight's building was scheduled to be auctioned next month as part of Nottingham City Council's debt-reducing measures. However, we have since received word from Nottingham City Council that the building will not be sold next month. But that it will be at some point later on this year...


Peggy's Skylight, owned and run by local jazz musicians Rachel Foster and Paul Deats, has been open since 2018 and the duo have a ten-year lease on the building. However, the plans to put the building on sale, which are part of a range of measures from Nottingham City Council to reduce its debt, have threatened the future of the venue.

Rachel Foster and Paul Deats made a request to the council to delay the auction, initially scheduled for next month, after only being informed of the plans in mid-November. They asked for a chance to buy the building themselves and released a statement which reads: “We want the Council to offer business owners a fair chance to raise funds to purchase the property themselves, in order to ensure that we can keep enjoying world class live music in the heart of Nottingham”.

A petition to 'Help Peggy's Skylight to buy some time' was launched on Monday 10 January and received over 7,500 signatures within 48 hours. Thankfully it seems to have worked... for now. Nottingham City Council leader David Mellen has confirmed in a statement sent to LeftLion that the property will now not be auctioned off next month, but will do at an unspecified date later this year. 

“The building occupied by Peggy’s Skylight is one of a number of properties we were considering for auction in February, but in completing our due diligence process we have some outstanding legal issues needing to be resolved. Because of that we are now able to confirm that this property will not be going to auction in February. While it is still our intention to take it to market in the future this should give more time for the tenants, as requested in their petition.

“Like all councils, we need to review buildings and assets we own to decide whether there is a benefit in retaining them or if a sale may be preferable to release funding to support vital services. Due to years of underfunding by the Government, we have to consider the sale of buildings owned by the council and we have a duty to get the best price possible on behalf of local council tax payers. An open auction is a way to achieve that.

“Tenants within any buildings we sell are generally protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act meaning there is no immediate risk to tenants, for example in this case we know that there is an ongoing lease in place. We do though understand the uncertainty this potentially causes in the longer term.

“We want to support local venues and businesses as much as possible recognising that due to the pandemic and the current economic climate, it has been a difficult couple of years. The changes we have introduced around the Hockley area have helped build its national reputation as one of the most vibrant city centre neighbourhoods and a great place to visit.”

Peggy's Skylight is unique in the city and has a growing reputation across the country. In 2021 it won the ‘All-Party Parliamentary Award’ for Best Jazz Venue - UK. They play host to lots of local musicians with their line-up over the next month including Juga-Naut, Rob Rosa Trio and Tony Kofi. They also host some of the best touring artists from across the UK and beyond.


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