5 of the Best Places to Stretch Your Legs in Notts

Words: Emily Boaler
Photos: Emily Boaler and Kevin Coady
Friday 24 March 2023
reading time: min, words

Nottinghamshire is full of picturesque places to embrace the great outdoors. Here are five ideas for walks to get you on the front foot...


Lambley to Burton Joyce Circular

The great thing about this walk is that once you reach the Trent at Burton Joyce, you can take a left or right turn and make the walk as long as you want to. As you are leaving Lambley, towards Lowdham, about two hundred yards past the Robin Hood pub, there is a public footpath signposted to the right starting from a small car park. You will find a footpath that climbs steeply through a field. This path can become quite muddy after rainfall, so it’s always a good idea to have some sturdy footwear. Climb to the top of the field and follow the path which joins a dirt track, which will then lead you onto Bridle Lane. Walk down Bridle Lane, for just under half a mile, to join Lambley Lane on the outskirts of Burton Joyce. Follow Lambley Lane for a further quarter of a mile as it crosses over Main Street and leads onto Church Street in Burton Joyce. 

As you cross over Church Street, bear right until you reach Station Road on your left. Turn into Station Road and walk across the level crossing over the railway line past Burton Joyce station. After the station, you will reach the meandering River Trent. You can either come back or turn right and head towards Stoke Lock and Netherfield Lagoons and come back on yourself, or turn left and head towards Gunthorpe and come back on yourself - the choice is yours. There are also many pubs in Burton Joyce itself, in Gunthorpe, and you can also stop by the Ferry Boat if you head towards Stoke Lock. Then, once you have completed your adventure, head back the way you came and back down the steep field into Lambley.


Hickling Kinoulton Loop via Grantham Canal

Despite being located in Nottinghamshire, Hickling does have a Leicestershire postcode. On this route, you will start from the bustling pool at Hickling, which is often full of ducks and swans, and you can spot fisherman casting out their lines towards the centre of the pool. It’s very difficult to resist a breakfast cob or a cake at The Wharf café, located right on the basin, prior to starting your walk and joining the Grantham Canal. Thanks to the paths that run alongside the canal, the walk is suitable for all levels of walkers. After indulging yourself at the café, you can take the canal path, which starts right next to The Plough Inn, and continue until reaching a gate beside the next bridge on the canal. You can then take a right turn, and head towards the village of Kinoulton - which is thought to have Saxon origins. Once you reach the village, you will come across a pub called The Nevile Arms, as well as Sarsfield’s Chocolaterie. You can then follow the road through Kinoulton and bear right back to Hickling, where you will reach the Plough Inn - where you started. With so many eateries, it will be difficult to resist a trip into some of them. This walk can be done in all seasons and is perfect if you want to relax and unwind.


Gunthorpe and Hoveringham Circular

This circular walk from Gunthorpe is a very flat route alongside the River Trent. You will head past the lock and weir on the river before visiting the neighbouring villages of Hoveringham and Caythorpe. The walk is a popular walking spot on well-maintained paths in its earlier stages. The walk cuts through and around the countryside between Gunthorpe and Hoveringham. This includes winding through the farmlands and along the course of the River Trent, where you can keep an eye out for wildlife along the water's edge and in the fields. You will likely spot a heron on the other side of the riverbank seeking its prey. You will walk past the cow herds and will reach the lake at Hoveringham dotted with sailing boats. When the sun is shining, the lake will glisten, allowing the vibrant shades of green to stand out around it - it really is stunning. The boats create a wave effect, and you will hear the peaceful sound of the water brushing the shore. You will then take a left turn towards Caythorpe and come back on yourself heading towards Gunthorpe. At the end of the walk, you can pop into one of the several eateries in Gunthorpe, including the Bridge & Bayleaf, the Unicorn or Browns Brasserie. This walk is flat and is generally suitable for all seasons. However, parts towards Hoveringham can get boggy after a heavy rainfall - so wear sturdy footwear just in case. 


Three Pubs Walk - Fiskerton, Bleasby, Moreton

This Nottinghamshire walk starts from the attractive village of Bleasby before heading towards the banks of the River Trent, and explores the nearby villages of Fiskerton and Morton. Start at The Waggon and Horses on Gypsy Lane, Bleasby, and continue out of the village onto Main Street, then cross the road when you reach Boat Lane. Follow the path down Boat Lane until you reach the River Trent. You will see many boats docked on the river once you reach it. Take a left turn and keep following the river. You will then reach Hazelford Lock, where you will come across an impressive weir. Keep walking along the side of the Trent until you reach the Bromley Arms at Fiskerton. Head through the car park at the Bromley Arms, take a left down Main Street and head onto Gravely Lane until you reach the Full Moon Inn at Morton. Then head out of Moreton down Cooks Lane then back onto Main Street in Fiskerton until you reach Gypsy Lane. Continue following Gypsy Lane until you reach the Waggon and Horses pub in Bleasby.


Stoke Lock via Netherfield Lagoons Circular

This walk is a shorter one - but by no means less picturesque. Start just by the gate opposite the Ferry Boat pub at Stoke Bardolph. Keep following the river until you pass Stoke Lock and continue until you arrive at Netherfield Lagoons. Keep walking straight and you will see a railway bridge in the distance. Just before arriving at the bridge, you will see a right turn which will take you up some steps up to the lagoons. The lagoons are a local nature reserve situated on the Trent Valley Flood Plain, and is often dotted by birdwatchers who enjoy spotting abundant species of birds. This walk is perfect in all seasons and for all levels of walkers. Once you have finished admiring the lagoons, you can then head back towards the Trent and approach Stoke Bardolph. As this walk is a rather short one, you can admire the sun setting over the lagoons during summer days and still arrive back at Stoke Lock prior to nightfall. 

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