Gig Review: Gengahr at Rough Trade

Words: Gemma Cockrell
Photos: Sam Heaton
Thursday 15 June 2023
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Following the release of their new album Red Sun Titans, Gengahr embark on a record store tour, stopping off at Nottingham's Rough Trade...

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Midway through Before Sunrise, Rough Trade went completely silent. But If you listened carefully, you might have caught the quietest guitar strums you have ever heard, as the suspense built up and up. Then, the chorus of the song kicked back in, louder than ever before, and the energy in the room soared.

Keeping in mind the tragic events that were circulating the news that day, the crowd in Rough Trade were predictably a little more subdued than usual. But Gengahr still showed up and put on a great performance for us, something I imagine the rest of the crowd were also equally grateful for after what had been a heavy day for many.

To celebrate the release of their new album Red Sun Titans last Friday, the band are midway through a record store tour here in the UK. With the show in Nottingham following a homecoming performance at Rough Trade East the previous night, we had a lot to live up to.

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Often, bands tend to perform only newer songs at these types of smaller, intimate shows. Such tracks, including A Ladder, Red Sun Titans and In The Moment, sounded great in a live setting. But Gengahr managed to fit in a surprising number of their previous hits as well, including Heavenly Maybe and the aforementioned Before Sunrise.

Vocalist Felix Bushe was gracious and polite towards the fans in the crowd throughout the set, thanking them multiple times for their attendance that evening. “It’s been a real pleasure,” he said to us a couple of times, and his sincerity shone through; you could tell that he truly meant his words.

Since there is no Nottingham show on the band’s upcoming tour this Autumn – they were adamant that this was not their own personal decision – this is the last time they will be in our city for a little while. But if you do find yourself in a different location and get the opportunity to catch them live in the meantime, then I highly recommend you do so.

Gengahr performed at Rough Trade Nottingham on 13 June 2023.


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