Gig Review: Sir Chloe at The Bodega

Words: Maddie Dinnage
Photos: Josh Dwyer
Friday 02 June 2023
reading time: min, words

Following the official release of their sophomore album I am the Dog, alt-rock band Sir Chloe take the stage at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms, promising fans a culmination of tracks new and old...


Best-known for viral TikTok track Michelle, Sir Chloe have an impressive discography of catchy rock ballads. Despite being an American-based band, they received a warm Notts’ greeting as they emerged onstage. Kicking things off with the opening track from the new album, the band headbanged along to the grungy rock bassline of Should I. Though I am the Dog was released mere weeks ago, it seemed that die-hard fans already had the newest album memorised as they sung along to the lyrics of Salivate

Lead singer Dana Foote and bassist Emma Welch delivered satisfyingly chilling harmonies during Untie You, with Foote alternating dynamically between a high and low register. The seamless transition into hit-track Animal yielded much appreciation from the crowd, as many began to sing along after the very first note. Mid-song the band suspended the venue in a moment of pure silence, broken moments later by Palmer Foote’s killer drumbeat.


Rhythm guitarist Austin Holmes demonstrated impressive multi-tasking abilities by delivering some electric chimes on the keyboard while keeping rhythm on the guitar during a performance of Know Better. Meanwhile lead guitarist Teddy O’Mara proved his technical mastery during Leash, during which he evoked an air of the eerie with a certain scratchiness upon the strings.

The room descended into a gentle haze during titular track I am the Dog. A deliciously lazy drumbeat invited an easy hypnosis, while Foote’s lead vocals switched from a seductive low register to a breathy melody. Influences from the indie scene became increasingly apparent, as the track felt reminiscent of the likes of Wolf Alice or Pale Waves. 


It was as if the room had been holding its breath in anticipation, as the reaction to hit single Michelle felt like an easy exhale. Tiktok users simply cannot get enough of this seductive track, teeming with painful regret and deep passion. The online community has attributed ‘Michelle’ with a tangible persona, dubbing her one of the Tiktok “it girls”, others of which include Conan Gray’s Heather, The Lumineers’ Ophelia, and Plane White T’s’ Delilah.

There are even Buzzfeed quizzes to determine which TikTok “it girl” you are. According to this trend, Michelle is seen to embody dark femininity; a persona with a cold, hard exterior which masks a sense of vulnerability within. Those at Rescue Rooms clearly got the memo, echoing the lyrics word-for-word, transfixed by lead singer Dana’s painful vocal belt. 

Artists with a viral TikTok track run the risk of being overshadowed by their own song’s success. In the hands of the online community, a song can acquire its own sense of autonomy outside of the artist’s control. Sir Chloe prove that they are much more than Michelle as they continue to deliver a series of quintessential indie-rock tunes. I have no doubt that next time I see Sir Chloe live, I’ll be in the crowd of a sold out Rock City gig.

Sir Chloe played Rescue Rooms on 30 May 2023


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