We Take a Trip Around Sneinton Market Avenues, One of Nottingham’s Best Hidden Gems

Words: Krishita Kandoi
Photos: Krishita Kandoi
Tuesday 22 August 2023
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Sneinton Market has been home to businesses for nearly 150 years. What started as a market primarily known for selling crockery has blossomed into colourful avenues with a variety of independent businesses to explore. Krishita Kandoi takes a wander around the Market to catch the vibe of this Nottingham gem.

Shop Front 2

Have you always been inclined towards a more alternative style, or is reworked or bespoke festival wear more your style? Maybe you’re looking for a coworking space, or maybe you are a freelancer who is tired of working at Starbucks? Whether you want street food, artisanal chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, or a new destination for your Saturday evening pub crawl - guess what? Sneinton Market has something for you. And if all else fails, the Avenues host several markets and festivals all year round.

The Avenues house a ‘Blend’ of aesthetics, art and creative minds, so much so, that as you walk down the street, you can’t help but feel the energy of the area influence you. It’s always worth popping into the units to say ‘hi’ to the passionate people that run the businesses and see what’s going on inside.

“I don’t think I will ever stop working. They will probably have to haul me out when I am dead!” Georgie Thornton laughs as she relays her love for her dog-related studio-shop, Wiff Waff designs, in Unit 44 of Sneinton Market.

The words ‘Welcome to the Team’ greet you near the main gates of the Sneinton Market Avenues, and they couldn’t be any more accurate - because that word perfectly describes the relationship among all the business owners and creative minds based here (including your very own favourite monthly magazine - hint: it is named after a famous meeting spot in Nottingham).

Positive words rooting (haha, get it?) from well placed puns on The Watered Garden’s window panes are nothing less than optimistic affirmations that greet everyone with open arms as they step into the gates. It almost seems like the market wishes to say: You are welcome here. You are wanted here. This is your city.

Now, depending on the lane you’re walking towards, you will either be greeted by the distinct smell of gin and beer from the distillery and brewery, the delicious smell of roasted coffee or freshly baked bread, respectively.

Walking into Curious, it might feel as if you have taken a step back in time as you indulge yourself by browsing through vintage found treasures (I once found a postcard that was very clearly meant for the writer’s mistress. Should I contact Netflix with the story, dear reader?) but fear not, while the past may not be a comfortable place for everyone, Curious often hosts art and crafts workshops that just might be what you wish for if you need a hand staying grounded to the present. 

As you walk through the market, especially if you are looking for it, you will be surprised to find pieces of art in the most obscure places, whether it is in the form of strange graffiti art sprayed behind the seats at Blend or the giant banana bunch frieze on top of The Avenues Cafe - a nod to Fyffes, one of the biggest importers and distributors of bananas in all of Europe in the late fifties, that had their stall right here in the market. 

On a sunny day, the place seems to almost come alive; the lanes buzzing with a bright energy. There are groups of friends and couples out with their dogs, lounging around the benches, exchanging stories, drinking a pint and laughing. The bright colours of the graffitied walls seem to brighten up even more. Music travels from nearby stores, filling the background noise. The scene is almost short of an indie movie.

Sneinton Market reflects what Nottingham as a city stands for - inclusivity, acceptance, and knowing where to find a good pint of beer. Whether you're coming down to the market to interact with and support the independent small businesses or just to spend an afternoon in Blend reading your book as you drink their delicious lattes; maybe you want a date location and want to participate in one of the creative workshops with your partner rather than just going out to eat, or maybe it's a sunny weekend and your friends insist on doing something different, Sneinton Market Avenues welcomes you. Don't believe me? You'll just have to come down and see for yourself.


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