Gig Review: The Everly Pregnant Brothers at Metronome

Words: Lawrence Poole
Photos: Josh Dwyer
Monday 11 September 2023
reading time: min, words

Long may The Everly Pregnant Brothers' maternity leave last…


As partisan lyrics go, “they tried to make my go to Derby – I said, no, no, no!” is quite the match-winner. Lustily belted out by the good people of Nottingham and a fair few from South Yorkshire as well, it proves one of a number of highpoints in this hugely entertaining Saturday night out.

Lifted from their take on Amy Winehouse’s classic anti-therapy anthem Rehab, in which Barnsley, Rotherham, Donnie and Leeds are also given short shrift, the veteran Sheffield septet more than do it justice.

Formed fourteen years ago with the primary goals of having fun, playing music and staving off mental health issues, the Brothers are led by the indomitable Big Shaun, who orchestrates proceedings brilliantly thanks to his dry, laconic wit and wry take on British (and Yorkshire) Life.


Backed by drummer Nick Banks (of Pulp fame) and acclaimed illustrator Pete McKee (on ukulele) amongst others, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy their joyous pater and quirky take on a hoard of classics.

Bowie, The Cure, ABBA, Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Bob Marley are just a selection of the artists given mirthful re-workings, the pick of which – Chip Pan (refrain – “yeah, my chip’s on fire!”) – turns an already well-oiled crowd into a communal karaoke room.

While Stuck In The Lidl With You (Stealers Wheel re-imagined) is almost as enjoyable. By the time Coldplay’s Yellow is sent up with an ode to the Steel City’s precious Hendo’s Relish, hands are in the air and all cares of the world are slung to the wind.


What’s quite brilliant though, is how, because you are concentrating on taking in the new lyrics, you are also reminded of how brilliant the music is in the first place – clever that.

The band aren’t daft either - re-writing lyrics especially for their Nottingham audience. From Glove In Gedling (a yarn about a misplaced… well you’ve guessed it) and The 68 To Nottingham, as well as tipping a hat to a certain Mr Clough (“a proper socialist”), their attention to local detail is not lost on a hugely receptive audience.

By the time No Oven No Pie, to the tune of Jamaica’s unofficial national anthem, is aired, everyone on and off stage is having an absolute ball. Long may The Everly Pregnant Brothers maternity leave last…

The Everly Pregnant Brothers performed at Metronome on 9 September.

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