Stay Safe at University: Here Are Some Handy Resources for New Students in Nottingham

Words: Gemma Cockrell
Illustrations: Zarina Teli
Friday 15 September 2023
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Right now, you’re likely to have just moved away from home for the first time in your life, and for some of you, this will be your first time living in a city. Believe us when we say it’s normal to feel a bit nervous, you definitely aren’t the only one. But just know that there are plenty of resources available for you, which you should not hesitate to use at any point during your time here if you feel that you need to. Here’s some information that will help you to keep both yourself and your new friends safe as you navigate your new home…

Credit Zarina Teli

Purple Flag
The City of Nottingham has held Purple Flag status since 2010, which indicates that Nottingham is one of the best and safest places for a night out in the UK. But it is still important to be aware when you’re out and about. Keep any cash or valuables out of sight inside zipped pockets and bags, and make sure to communicate with your friends so they know where you’re going and who you’ll be with. If you’re going to be walking home afterwards, stay in your group and stick to well-lit main streets.

Ask For Angela
This campaign, which was launched back in 2016, is used in many venues to keep people safe from sexual assault. A person who believes themselves to be in danger can simply ask a member of staff for Angela, and they will then help the person get home discreetly and safely by either escorting them to a different room, calling them a taxi, or by asking the other party member to leave the establishment. If the campaign is being implemented in a venue, you will be able to see posters on the stall doors inside toilets.

Safe Taxi Scheme
Both universities offer a safe taxi scheme to all of their students. If you’re a UoN student, this is arranged through DG Taxis. For a fixed price list or to use the emergency taxi scheme, you can text UNICAB to 80818 or call 0115 950 0500. Make sure to let them know that you want to use the UoN Emergency Taxi Scheme followed by your name, student number and journey details. You’ll be asked to show your student ID card and sign a form before being delivered safely home. Just make sure you head to the SU reception the next working day to pay your fare.

Meanwhile, NTU students can call Nottingham Cars on 01159 700 700 to book a taxi, stating you need to use the Student Emergency Fare scheme. When you are in the taxi, the driver will take note of your student card number and check your student card photograph to confirm your identity. You will be given a receipt at the end of your journey. Nottingham Cars will then email the SU, stating your N-number, name, campus of study, and cost of your taxi fare, which will be covered on your behalf for a week until you pay it back.

Safe Space Pledge
The Safe Space Pledge has been designed to send a clear message to anyone who lives, works, studies or visits Nottingham that the safety of all women and girls is a priority. Developed by Nottingham BID and the Consent Coalition (more about that on page 27), the pledge provides eight clear actions and commitments Nottingham venues can take to improve the safety of women and girls within their premises. 

Safer Housing
If you have concerns about house security or rogue landlords, this is the place to go. The Nottingham City Council’s website has a form you can fill in detailing your concerns, to ensure that your living conditions are adequate. If you live in Beeston or Kegworth, their respective councils also have an equivalent version of this, too. Keep in mind that it only applies to private rented properties, so this one might be more relevant to you once you are in your second or third year, but it’s good to be aware of.

Victim Care
Victim Care provides free and confidential support to anyone who has been a victim of crime or antisocial behaviour, with caseworkers who are specially trained to deliver one-to-one support which is tailored to any individual needs. Hopefully, you won’t need to ever use this resource, but you may find it reassuring to know that it exists and that people are there to help and support you if you do find yourself in that situation. To access their service, you can simply give them a ring on 0800 3047575. 

Nottingham Night Owls
Student volunteers patrol the city on Wednesday and Thursday nights during term time, assisting in getting students safely home, providing them with information and necessary supplies: water, first aid, food, contraception and blankets. They even go one step further by picking up the litter and mess left behind by students, helping to keep the city clean and improve student reputation. 

A welcome from Nottingham City Council
A very big welcome from Nottingham City Council to all new students in Nottingham. It’s an inclusive, vibrant, safe and welcoming place to live and study, and as students you make an active and positive contribution to the city. You no doubt already know that we have world class sport, rich heritage, some of the best parks in the country, and award-winning nightlife.

You have chosen Nottingham as your new home and we want to make sure everyone lives side by side happily. We just ask that everyone respects each other in our communities, that we are all good neighbours and noise levels are kept to a minimum. Nottingham is a safe city and we work with partners to keep it this way. You might see our own Community Protection officers doing patrols - they are a friendly bunch and they are there to help keep everyone safe, but please look after each other, too.

The city has everything you could want as a student and so much more. We hope you make the most of your university experience in Nottingham and enjoy your new home.

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