Gig Review: Do Nothing at Rock City

Words: Cameron Ling
Photos: Josh Dwyer
Wednesday 04 October 2023
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Post the release of their debut album, Nottingham natives Do Nothing delivered at their homecoming gig at the iconic Rock City...


The night began with Humor, a Glaswegian post-punk band that brought raw and untamed energy to the stage. Their drums, lively guitars, and direct vocals instantly mimicked that of The Murder Capital, who had headlined the Rock City stage at Dot to Dot Festival earlier this year alongside Humor. Certainly, a healthy upgrade as they marked the Black Cherry Lounge stage back in May. 

Opus Kink need very little introduction. They stormed the stage next, supported with tracks from their May single, My Eyes, Brother!. An overload of noise, fused by multiple genres which they take inspiration from and advance further, completely producing an ever-intensifying wall of chaotic sound. As they continue their campaign to conquer Nottingham, the sold-out show at Bodega on 7 December promises to be a monumental event.


En route, I was already filled with anticipation for Do Nothing's homecoming gig. I had first witnessed this four-piece band on the iconic Leadmill Stage at Tramlines 2022, and I was eager to experience their sonic growth and suave yet authentic stage presence again.

Do Nothing are touring to support their debut album, Snake Sideways, an album which split opinion amongst fans. Some were excited by the band's cleaner, sharper sound and their use of dynamic electronic effects; however, some were left disappointed as they moved away from the punk norms that made them popular. The album is a grower; it incorporates thought-provoking lyrics and shows the band is willing to take risks rather than remain comfortable – providing the breathing space to experiment further.

Opening with the thudding Gangs, Chris Bailey glided onto the stage; garbed in a black suit, hair flipped – personifying his lyrics and absorbed in his performance. Accompanied by his crooner vocals, he welcomed us with the words, “We're all back together at last.” An important first step in indicating the scope of this occasion. Bailey continued to deliver his soft-spoken vocals against a burnt orange backdrop, creating a captivating contrast with the chunky bass riffs that reverberated through the floor.


Happy Feet followed Gangs, marking a shift from spoken word to a more melodic track. With lyrics like "Man just how yellow are ya? Maybe we deserve each other," it showcased Bailey's vulnerability, a gentle display of his vocals and impressive range.

Title track Snake Sideways and Nerve set the tone for the evening, incorporating delicate synth sections and echoing reverb. These tracks held the mesmerized crowd in their thrall.

The moment everyone had been waiting for arrived when Do Nothing unleashed their punk-funk anthem, Lebron James. The audience erupted into headbanging and crowd-surfing, celebrating the band's unexpected success with this track, which had nearly reached two million listens on Spotify.


To conclude this momentous occasion, Do Nothing chose to end with Handshakes, a song that, despite its torment and angst, was deeply ingrained in their identity. This 2018 single served as Do Nothing's bid adieu to Rock City on this unforgettable night.

The Nottingham natives delivered an exceptionally impressive and professional set, once again proving that local music is in its golden generation and serving as an inspiration to bands in the thriving scene. Although they may not perform in Nottingham as they continue to tour and record, it will not be the last time they play at the iconic venue.

Do Nothing performed at Rock City on 30 September 2023.

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