Gig Review: Skindred at Rock City

Words: Jake Longhurst
Photos: Natasha Shipston
Tuesday 24 October 2023
reading time: min, words

Rock City and Skindred is one of life’s timeless combinations, up there with rum and coke, Laurel & Hardy, or even ice cream and TV. This time round, they were no different from the wonderful band we know them to be, just with a couple extra hits...

D04 3319

To start, we were treated to two of the UK’s beat up and comers in Cody Frost and BLACKGOLD. Watching new artists is always a pleasure, especially when they’re so full of potential as this pairing. Cody Frost has described themself as a ravepunk musician, and is bleeding out their ears with energy - a collaboration with Enter Shikari is currently on top of their Spotify most listened songs, which is something most UK based alternative artists would kill to say, and is a testament to the ability Frost has undeniably got in spades!

BLACKGOLD are a masked nu metal group (where have I heard that one before?) who are yet again brimming with fun and energy. To have two acts so full of beans on before Skindred is already a recipe for brilliance, but that’s before the main event has even begun to get going.

D04 3746

As previously alluded, Skindred are one of the UK’s most loved live acts under the alternative and heavy umbrella, and having taken a headline set on Download’s second stage by the throat and absolutely demolished it we all knew they were going to bring the heat (as they somehow always do). With a new, number two charting, album to their name, they also had even more feel-good hits custom built for rocks most enjoyable show, and it was all too easy to just breathe in, breathe out, smile, and get in a nice big mosh pit to the sweet sounds of some true Newportian ragga metal.

D04 39631

Their setlist changed more than it has in a good long while, with a couple of long standing favourites being dropped out such as Sound The Siren, Pressure, Doom Riff, and Ninja. However, the setlist staples Nobody, Kill The Power, That’s My Jam and of course Warning still raised the roof off of Nottingham’s best loved live venue. With some old bangers being brought out to play like Babylon and Rat Race, as well as some of the excellent new album like L.O.V.E. and Gimme That Boom running riot with the crowd, it showed that a Skindred set is almost less about the songs being played than it is the sheer brilliance of the band - that said, the songs are always amazing.

D04 3708

I will concede, Skindred may not be at the top of my list when I choose to put music on in my headphones or out my phone at home, but they proved on 19 October that they will always be right at the tip top of my to-see list, no matter how often they tour. Up the ‘Dred!

Skindred performed at Rock City on 19 October 2023.

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