Gig Review: Hot Milk at Rescue Rooms

Words: Ben Blissett
Photos: Rae Dowling
Wednesday 22 November 2023
reading time: min, words

Hot Milk and their dedicated fanbase took to Rescue Rooms to show how it’s done...


Opening up the gig was the incredible and highly underappreciated Modern Error, this band has a brilliant sense of atmosphere and purpose to their music, their music mixes all the right genres together and as a person with such a broad music taste seeing a band use the electronica of Nine Inch Nails, the instrumentals of Boston Manor and vocals like Chris Motionless.

Although not much of the audience gave the band a reaction, this did not stop these incredible four from giving it their all alongside me and a few others who gave them the same energy back, I honestly think it’s a crime more people don’t listen to them; from Kel’s production, Phil’s guitar, to Conor’s drums and Zak’s vocal’s, they’re a band that any listener of heavy music can enjoy and mosh to. 


If you haven’t heard of them I would recommend listening to their album Victim Of A Modern Age in full, it really is an experience and a half. The only negative thing I have to say about them is the sound mixing could’ve been so much better, but I’d like to think that wasn’t their fault, as other fans of the band who were present said they usually sound much better than they did that night.

Following them came Witch Fever who brought a more gritty and gruff approach than Modern Error. They came with crunchy riffs and edgy vocals that really showed singer Amy’s anger and angst from this doom punk outfit. Like the band previous, they were giving it their all and this time the crowd were even jumping a little bit which was really nice to see for a support band.


Then finally came the mighty headliner Hot Milk and almost immediately the pit opened up and the sold-out crowd did not stop moving for the rest of the night - the band definitely made sure they didn’t stop, by playing banger after banger, making sure they left their mark in Rescue Rooms that would not be soon forgotten.

Han made sure that everyone in the room was aware that her angry vocals are more than just a style choice, but a statement - much like the lyrics of the band's music. Fellow vocalist Jim further supported this, as did the rest of the band, by proving that Hot Milk are an outfit who can use their live show to say something profound and meaningful, while having an insane amount of fun doing it.

Hot Milk performed at Rescue Rooms on 19 November 2023


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