Music Review: Wigflex with Jorg Kuning at Surface Gallery

Words: Felix Coulton
Wednesday 29 November 2023
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Jorg Kuning is the man behind one of the most talked about live sets of the year. After a full-blown Summer of Jorg lovin' where we were hearing his tunes getting bumped by some of the biggest and best around, Wigflex finally got him down to the 0115 for a dance party at Surface Gallery...

This is Nottingham. The minute you arrived in the loft, you were helpless in resisting melting into becoming a part of the 200-deep throng of Nottingham’s community. For six hours straight, a dream team of Lukas, Jorg and Parametrica Studios, all masters of their craft, melded and shape-shifted this loft space to their’s and the crowd’s desires. 

The architect of this spectacle Lukas Wigflex, on home turf and in the form of his life, threw down dystopian schwanglers, rudeboy garage cuts and holden-esque heart-string tuggers. He saw out his set in euphoria amongst a sea of hugs and soppy words to mates, then finished us off with a slab of Mike Skinner’s genius. Every word hits us all like a ton of bricks.

The crowd reply with shouts of ‘You Reds’ to a backing of a string-laden Turn The Page. It feels like a battle cry for a city where a watertight community and music scene has emerged fighting from the challenges of recent years. This is Notts. 

Who else could follow up this set except for Lukas’ mate Jorg? From the first minute plunging his modular-driven digits into our minds, collectively programming us all into an irresistible, transcendent groove-wonk that was way too easy to lose yourself in, at the end finding yourself blinking in realisation that the last hour had passed, and you hadn’t stopped moving for one second. 

On the night we joked that Jorg’s sound so effortlessly taps into our natural dance-rhythm-cortex, I swear he could break into the charts. Jorg Kuning for number one. 

This night sent us all on a Jorg-flex-fuelled life-affirming journey of a life we’re not sure we’ve ever actually lived, but maybe we have on a different plain. 

Reaching 3am with an impromptu one hour plus ET set of uncompromising krauty-rudeboy swedgers was an unexpected treat to finish off this night, one which felt like a best-ever-contender in the wigflex back-catalogue of events.

The event felt like Lukas and Avarni (Wigflex directors) firmly planting their flag, returning into the fold in a city Wigflex calls home and has shone it’s brightest before. Using many of the hidden gem venues the city has to offer, bringing with them the immersive, hedonistic other-worldly wonk of Wigflex that they’ve treated us to so many times. We’re truly lucky to have them in the city.

With the beautiful wooden floorboards at our feet, the unmistakeable mind-bath that is the Wigflex sound, and the swirling lights of Parametrica enticing you to get lost in this other-world, it felt fitting that this event took place in an art gallery. 

This Wigflex event was an immersive, performative art piece that we were all unwittingly part of.

Wigflex with Jorg Kuning took place on 24 November 2023


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