Music Reviews: November 2023

Words: Gemma Cockrell, Bassey, Maddie Dinnage, Marta Tavares
Friday 17 November 2023
reading time: min, words

This month, we review new music from MuHa, Marvin's Revenge, Katie Keddie, Ben McElroy, Yay Maria, Bram Bancroft, Sharp Little Bones, and ROB.GREEN...


Come Home (Single)

Come Home is a touching song about finding your way back to the place where you belong, reflecting on the plight of millions affected by the Russo-Ukrainian War. It powerfully weaves traditional and contemporary folk styles with the poignant lyrics of Ukrainian poet Voloshka, with the ethereal hurdy-gurdy perfectly capturing the atmosphere created by the single’s artwork, which features a figure standing in a hazy grey landscape. Proceeds from the single will be donated to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Gemma Cockrell


Katie Keddie
Alaska Sadness (EP)

Singer-songwriter Katie Keddie’s latest EP Alaska Sadness showcases five tracks equally-charged with earnest emotion. The solitary soul at the heart of it all becomes suspended within Keddie’s painfully wistful lyricism, placed against a backdrop of threadbare acoustics and emotionally-charged percussion. Alaska Sadness is a testament to Keddie’s lyrical mastery; an essential listen for lovers of Clairo and Lizzy McAlpine, and the perfect soundtrack for all your sad girl autumn needs. Maddie Dinnage


Marvin’s Revenge
VR Porn (EP)

Ready to arouse insanity from start to finish, Marvin’s Revenge's new EP teleports listeners to a lucid dream on a wave of reality through gnarlier, darker and experimental sounds. The EP feels like a dive down a rabbit hole that creates hundreds and thousands of scenarios; exploring themes of drugs and virtual reality dystopia, it finds a way of releasing not only the members’ inner anger and dark emotions, but also the listeners’. Marta Tavares 

Ben Mcelroy

Ben McElroy
Beacons Of The Wilderness (Album)

Ben McElroy's latest release is the album Beacons Of The Wilderness and the fifteen tracks are available on download, cd or luuuverly vinyl, with support performances from Lizzie Benzie, Chris Smith and Tom Manning. Ben's continued use of the drone only gets better with each release and this is experimental lo-fi folk music at its very best, the sounds of acoustic guitar, mandolin and percussion cry out for a live performance and by coincidence you can see him perform the album on 11 November at Sneinton Market. A perfect album for the coming cold months and for your 2023 record collection. Bassey


Yay Maria
Superbia (EP)

Yay Maria has crafted her own realm within which her new EP, Superbia, exists. A key figure in the Notts LGBTQ+ scene, she will be a familiar face if you attended any pride celebrations in the city this summer, and the empowering and affirming lyric “you should be proud of who you are, you’ve come so far” from WHO WE R is bound to resonate with many within the community, portraying a message that is particularly crucial to be heard right now. Plus, the animated musical film that accompanies L’APPEL DU VIDE is well worth checking out, too. Gemma Cockrell


Bram Bancroft
thoughts of an empty room (Album)
DIY multi-instrumentalist Bram Bancroft’s debut album thoughts of an empty room is perfect for fans of King Krule, Duster and Salvia Palth. Dark, atmospheric, moody, and melancholy, this album is perfect to listen to while out on a walk on an autumn or winter’s day, as it is guaranteed to complement the chill that is in the air. The instrumental version of the album has also just been released, so make sure to check that out while you’re at it, too. Gemma Cockrell


Sharp Little Bones
Volumes I & II (Album)
If you’ve been to Peggy’s Skylight you will be familiar with this lot - they’re the venue’s house band. Consisting of Simon Paterson, Andrew Wood, Paul Deats, and Tony Kofi, their sound merges jazz, funk, blues, bop and electronica. Their debut album Volumes I & II is made up of thirteen jazzy instrumental tunes, perfect for listening to while you’re hard at work and needing to focus intensely, or just when you’re after some relaxing vibes on a Sunday afternoon. Gemma Cockrell


Manhood (EP)
Candidly exploring mental health, masculinity, racial identity, sexuality and community, ROB.GREEN’s new self-written, produced and styled EP Manhood has now officially been released. Bringing together spoken word poetry, intricate harmonies and his acoustic alt/soul feel, the project has been highly-anticipated following his performance at Hockley Hustle at the end of last month, where he was accompanied by the Rob Rosa String Quartet. We dubbed him the “best live performer in Nottingham" and the crowd were already singing along to I’ll Be Around even though it had only just been released, so with this in mind, be sure to keep an eye out for news about his first full headline UK tour in 2024, which will visit intimate, hidden venues - tickets are sure to be in high demand. Gemma Cockrell

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