Gig Review: As Everything Unfolds at Rescue Rooms

Words: Ben Blissett
Photos: Josh Dwyer
Monday 12 February 2024
reading time: min, words

As Everything Unfolds came to Nottingham to show the crowd what their headline tour is all about…


Opening up the night DARLAH took to the stage and they showed real potential. They had some really interesting melodies and riffs, and their energy was also fantastic - they tried to get lots of interaction and although most of the crowd, as is usual with opening acts, did not bite, they still got a good number of jumpers and a few moshers to bop along with their tunes. I think with a bit more practice and more stage time these guys could really excel into stardom and make it in the scene.

Next up came the somewhat lighter-in-tone South Arcade, blending some metal elements with pop punk, which made for a sound I’ve never quite heard before. They were able to have guitar riffs which were reminiscent of Avril Lavigne but basslines that could belong in a much heavier band like Bring Me the Horizon. I would say if you like funky riffs with a splash of heavier tones and some brilliant vocals I would check these guys out.

Finally, As Everything Unfolds took to the stage with a super atmospheric and epic entrance. Opened with their song Slow Down, half of the crowd immediately opened up in a brutal reaction, resulted in a fifty/fifty split of moshers and people standing still.

Even though not everyone got involved with the moshing, the band gave it their all with tracks like Felt Like Home, Ultraviolet and On the Inside garnering the attention they definitely deserve. It was evident to me that a lot of the Nottingham crowd consisted of the same people from when As Everything Unfolds opened for Enter Shikari at Rock City, which made for an energetic crowd, with the band even nodding to that fact.

With the band reciprocating that energy and delivering their unique, riffs, synths and overall style, I think if you want to a female-led band with incredible screams, diverse sounds and fantastic energy that are a perfect fit for the current metalcore scene, As Everything Unfolds are the band for you.

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