Gig Review: Victory Lap at The Chameleon

Words: Gemma Cockrell
Sunday 18 February 2024
reading time: min, words

Victory Lap were joined by Davoli and Bram Bancroft for a sold-out gig at The Chameleon...

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I went into the evening feeling excitement at the thought of seeing three local bands at one of my favourite venues, but also devastated that in less than two months’ time, I would never be able to do this again. This gig took place just after The Chameleon announced that the building would be sold and the sadness that we would be losing such an incredible space far too soon was at the back of my mind. 

But if anything could lift my melancholy, it was live music, starting with Bram Bancroft. This was the type of music you could close your eyes and entirely lose yourself in, which is exactly what I did for the majority of this set. It was mesmerising and captivating, an effect created by just Bram alone with his guitar. At the start of the set, he said he would need an attentive crowd and that is exactly what he received, everyone clinging on to every word he sang. 

After time for a quick trip down to the bar to grab another drink (if you find yourself in The Chameleon before it closes down, please do treat yourself while you’re there, it really will help them out) we returned upstairs for Davoli’s set. With debut album Notes For A New Year hot off the press, Davoli’s jangly guitar-led instrumentals were powerful and moving as they filled the small space that The Chameleon provided; a polished set after testing out some of the tracks live at Beat The Streets last month. 

Another band who made waves on the Beat The Streets line-up last month are Victory Lap. This noir-pop outfit brought a gothic, moody, 1950s-esque atmosphere to The Chameleon, with deep, captivating vocals and strong, powerful guitars, in a now packed, sold-out room, illuminated by two circles of blue light cast on the black curtain behind them. The energy peaked at this point, with members of the crowd screaming about how good Victory Lap are from the back of the room and people nearer to the front unafraid to dance along. 

Despite not having any music officially released to stream, the crowd clearly recognised some of the songs they have performed at previous gigs, so there is no doubt that Victory Lap are making their mark through their live show alone. They will be supporting Do Nothing at The Bodega on 8 March, which is very soon, so make sure to go and check them out there if you are yet to see them - it’s safe to say you’re missing out.

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