Theatre Review: Minority Report

Words: Sam Harvey
Wednesday 28 February 2024
reading time: min, words

Sam Harvey checks out the Minority Report at the Nottingham Playhouse...

Minority Report PROD ONE 0442

Topical, intense, thought provoking. David Haig’s stage adaptation of the legendary sci-fi short story is an absolute must see. Combining unique and breathtaking stage layout, phenomenal acting and a gripping story- this show will have you on the edge of your seat!

Taking place in the not-so-distant future of 2050, Minority Report explores themes of free will, technological overreach and justice. The play gives off strong Black Mirror vibes- not surprising as the show’s creator has cited original author Philip K Dick as a strong inspiration for his series. The audience are constantly faced with philosophical issues- is it better to have free will over societal security? Is sacrificing the freedom of the few worth it to create a crime free society? How far should we allow technology to progress?

a pulse quickening thrill ride from start to finish

The set design lends itself perfectly to the atmosphere created by the story. Never before have I experienced a more cinematic experience on stage than I did with Minority Report. Everything from car chases, climactic chase scenes, high tech bio-scans and even physical manifestations of chatbots were expertly brought to life through a masterful combination of sound, lighting and set design. The transitioning between scenes is fluid and fast paced- whether that be taking a taxi, riding an elevator or navigating beams between skyscrapers- it’s easy to believe you are watching a Hollywood blockbuster play out before you!

The performances on display as well must be commended. Jodie McNee shines as our protagonist- and her transition from authoritarian CEO to vulnerable fugitive is fascinating to watch as her life’s work crumbles around her. My favourite performance of the night was easily Tanvi Virmani as the sardonic yet helpful AI companion David. It must be difficult to give a character who is essentially Alexa personality and humour, yet she effortlessly achieved it in spades!

Minority report was a pulse quickening thrill ride from start to finish- managing to pack both high tense action, thoughtful character studies and head scratching moral quandaries all within a 90-minute run time. It is a show I would absolutely recommend!

Minority Report plays at the Playhouse from Tuesday 27th of February until Saturday 9th of March 2024. 

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