Pick Six: Maddy Chamberlain

Words: Maddy Chamberlain
Monday 19 February 2024
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DHP’s Production Manager and Midnight Rodeo’s vocalist, Maddy Chamberlain picks six of her favourite things for our music-themed issue…


Northern Soul has played such a huge part in my life, I had to go with a NS bop and Keep On Keeping On by Nolan Porter absolutely slaps. Plus when I need a bit of motivation it never fails to remind me to do just that. When I first started DJing years ago I was using my parents' record collections, but my first records of my own were Northern Soul seven-inches. I recently got a hold of this one so I'm looking forward to spinning it out there!


Ooo it has to be the truffle gnocchi at The Pelican Club. Honestly sometimes I wake up thinking about it. The first time I ordered it was years back, since then they’ve taken it off their menu, however, recently when I was there a waitress overheard me saying how much I loved the dish and reported back to the chef who made it for me anyway! Lovely people, great live jazz, incredible food.

Holiday (1)

Notts spot
My local, the good ole King Bill! It’s always my first point of call to take friends and family visiting the city. Whether it’s to go for a swift one after work for a catch up with pals or a pool tournament to the death with what sometimes ends up being half of Notts. The gang that work there are the loveliest, too. It will forever have my heart.

Not a typical novel here, but for someone into photography, travel and history, Accidentally Wes Anderson is simply beautiful. I treated myself to it at the start of lockdown because of my love for Wes Anderson aesthetics. The first thing I’d do everyday was sit in my sunshine spot with this book and a coffee and find a few new places in the world to explore. It inspired me to learn how to use my grandad’s film camera and get out into the streets of Notts to get some snaps of my own.


True Romance has always been one of my favourite films since I can remember, a true cult classic which weirdly until years after its release in 1993 had gone under the radar despite it being directed by Tony Scott, written by Quentin Tarantino and having music composed by Hans Zimmer! Essentially, an Elvis fanatic and a call girl fall in love and chaos follows. It’s got romance, drama, crime, the lot. You’re So Cool, the main title track, is also so lovely!


I‘ve recently got back from Marrakech which just blew me away. The biggest culture shock I’ve had in the best way as it was my first time out of Europe. My time there was filled with taking in the Gnawa and Chaabi music, drinking incredible spiced teas, getting lost in the souks and camel trekking through the desert. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Notts Spot

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